The Formula to Making a Girls Trip a Lasting Tradition

The Formula to Making a Girls Trip a Lasting TraditionIt’s no secret girlfriend getaways are a must for moms. Whether with college friends, high school friends, neighbors, cousins, sisters–however your tribe comes together–girls trips provide an important mental and physical break from the responsibilities of family life.   

My annual girls trip will celebrate ten years in 2019. We are ten college friends with twenty children between us (all under the age of 14). We are a mixture of working moms and moms who stay at home. Each year we are busier than the last. We live sprinkled throughout the Triangle, and even with our close proximity, girls trip is the one time each year we all manage to get together.    

The quest for the ultimate girls trip began in response to the various trips our husbands took “with the boys” year after year.

If men managed to organize trips with longevity and ease, why not us? 

One evening over cocktails, we brainstormed the best way to organize a girls trip that would last beyond the inaugural year.

Some ideas proved to be misses, and we adjusted accordingly, but our basic formula remains the same. 

Here are our best tips for making a Girls Trip a lasting tradition:


Stick to the same Date each Year  

Figure out which date works best for your crew and stick to it.  In our case, we were left with one weekend after working around anniversaries, birthdays, annual family vacations and holidays. We know to block that weekend on our family calendars.

Rotate Planners

Pass the torch to two girls to plan the entire trip. At the end of each trip determine who will plan the next. The planners oversee everything from location, to accommodations, to any extras like massages and private chefs, and providing basic food needs for the weekend. They have complete control of the weekend based on the next two tips below.

Find your Budget Comfort Zone

Our trip has survived recessions, health bills, family budget needs, new babies, etc. We all agreed early on no one misses girls trip because of financial reasons, so the cost is a consistent price per person. Turns out it is more than plenty for a fantastic getaway. Equally important, you pay the same if you arrive late or leave early.

Set the Proximity

How far are you willing to fly? Drive? Our initial brainstorm imagined VRBOs on the shores of Malibu or exploring a new city. Turns out, most of us would rather spend money on luxury accommodations than flights, which means we drive. The Triangle is lucky to have so many amazing destinations within a reasonable drive.  

Find a Common Thread

Perhaps your girlfriends are into yoga.  Music festivals. Cities. Surfing. Shopping. Figure out the common thread and center your trip around it. For us, it’s simply water and sun so we focus on beaches, lakes, and staying south. 

The Formula to Making a Girls Trip a Lasting Tradition


So what are you waiting for?

Start planning your trip with your besties! Share with us in the comments below your favorite places to travel with friends!



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