Stay Sane During a Move in FIVE Easy Steps

Cue Willie Nelson. On the road again, the story of some of our lives, right?! If you are in need of someone to give you relocation tips, look for a modern day carpet-bagger, or a military family. If you ask anyone they’ll tell you that moving is about as fun as getting your teeth pulled. Some of us are just ready to get where we are going and settle down, but let’s be honest – career changes and the global economy just do not allow folks to stay in one place anymore. I’m pretty sure there is another song I could reference here, but let’s get started on keeping you sane while you’re packing and purging. Here are five ways that you can stay cool, calm and collected during the move:

  1. Purge! That’s right. Get rid of anything you do not need. Are you still trying to fit into those jeans you had in high school? Sorry mama! Gotta go. Guess what, if you do get your high school body back (which, why would you want to? You’re rocking this body of yours today. Then you can treat yourself to a new pair of jeans!) Purging is great, but I do not throw things away. Confession: if it is something larger I’ll place it by the road and put a GIANT ‘FREE’ sign – my HOA isn’t “that” strict here so I can guarantee these items will be gone within 10 minutes! If you don’t have that luxury stop by Goodwill, the Raleigh Mission (not to mention the shopping there is spectacular!) or place of your choice to donate. Do not just throw these things away. Once man’s trash could be another man’s wardrobe for a year. You might think it is trash, but guess what? There is always someone who could use a hand, a tie-dyed t-shirt, or a couple of extra pair of socks. You get the point!                                
  2.  Do Admin Work Before You Pack a Single Box. Find your child’s new school, set up an interview. Find your yoga studio, fun restaurants, where you will grocery shop, etc. Try to start making it real before you even arrive and you can be certain you’ll be happy once you stabilize. Another portion of the admin work is typically transferring utilities and changing addresses on cell phones, bank accounts and other important places. Be certain you do this to keep yourself from losing your mind later!      
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  3. Let the Littles Help: That’s right. Put them to work! Let them pack some boxes. Even if they include the wrong things they still feel so involved and it makes it real. Depending upon their age, keep them involved along the way. Kids 2+ can most likely understand, take tours of the homes with you and begin to see that life will soon be changing.                                                                                                    
  4. Label EVERYTHING: even if you have/do not have movers, make sure you label everything. This will help you especially if you have a two-story home to get the boxes and other items (near) to the right location. Trust me, I’m nearly an expert at this and if it is near the proper location I can guarantee unpacking within 48-hours. A whole house. YES, a whole house. Write on the box with a marker (its what I do), or make custom labels (that is a ton of time but have at it!)           
  5. Remember You’re in This Together: when you are moving this can be an intense time. You’re in this together whether you’re moving with your spouse, a roommate, or just your little! Try to make it as fun a humanly possible and keep smiling. It is rare that moving is not associated with change. Embrace it and move on!

While this is not the easiest or most exhilarating task–moving can be fun. It is all about what you make of this daunting task. We can complain and never trudge forward or we can work ourselves to the maximum and prop our feet later. Oh, and don’t forget to look for free boxes on local sites. That saves you a ton of money! Share how you saved money and stayed sane during a move with us today!





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