New Ideas for Date Night!

We all know it is important to nurture our marriage and overall relationship with our partner by spending some kid-free time together. But, sometimes we need something a little different than the traditional dinner and a movie. Sometimes we find ourselves postponing date night due to being over budget or over scheduled and just too tired. Or maybe you just feel like you need to try something new. Stop finding reasons to skip date night and find reasons to have date night! Read on for some fresh new ideas and a personal note for what works for me and my hubby.  

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Are you trying to save money this year or save up for something big? Date night can really add up once you pay for dinner, a movie and a babysitter. YIKE$! Skip the babysitter. Get a movie for the kids and make a romantic dinner together. The key is make it together. Work as a team, he chops and you cook or vice versa. Looking for a little inspiration – check out the book, Date Night In: More than 120 Recipes to Nourish Your Relationship by Ashley Rodriquez. 

Are you a traveler at heart?

Quiz your spouse and ask questions like – “If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?”. Take date night to the book store. Indulge in coffee and dessert and peruse books about your dream vacation. Take note of what sights to see, ‘what to do’ and where to stay. Learn some phrases in the new language. Tuscany here we come!

Breakfast is for lovers!

Are your days long and your energy levels short? Move date night to the morning hours! Put all your normal Saturday chores on hold and stay in your PJs a little longer. Make a super fancy brunch together. Picture Eggs-Benedict and mimosas! Yummmmmmm!

Is fitness a common goal?

Did one or both of you have a New Year’s resolution to stay active and healthy? Keep that resolution strong by taking an exercise class together with a post workout salad or smoothie. Or, plan a hike with a romantic picnic planned. Exercise revs up your happy feel-good hormones naturally. Spend this time together and enjoy the benefits of a heart-pumping activity. 

Looking for a little drama and adventure?

Check out a mystery-theater dinner venue, such as  The Dinner Detective  or go to a puzzle room type place. Check out Rachel’s Post about going to a live escape room. 

Be Mindful

Whatever you decide to do… mindful and make date night a priority. Take time to plan out what you will do next. Ask each other what your interests are and how you can incorporate those interests into your next night out. Is one of your favorite bands coming to a near-by town or is there a museum with an exhibit you may enjoy? Do you enjoy beer or wine together?  Is there a new brewery or wine shop you could try together? Build up some hype – a little date night foreplay! Text each other during the week about your plans. “Hey Babe! I’m really looking forward to trying that new restaurant with the molten lava cake!”

A Personal Note….

My husband and I often cook a Saturday meal together at home, but we also enjoy a night out once and a while. However, if we don’t take the time to plan and it’s not on the calendar – it rarely happens. Even if we decide last minute to go out, I’m scrambling to find a babysitter. Babysitters are busy these days! We finally realized that we like to go out to dinner about every 6 weeks and I also have a standing appointment with my hair dresser for every 6 weeks. Ah-ha! Problem solved! We schedule our night out on the same day that I have my hair done. What is so great about this plan (besides spending a nice evening with my sweetheart)… is I don’t have to spend extra time getting ready to go out on the town. Win-win! Are you a scheduler? Make Date Night a standing appointment. 

Share your date night ideas below! Arrivederci!

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