Dream Little. Dream Big. Just Dream.

My little boy, N, has a book that’s become a favorite of mine. It’s called, “What Do You Do With An Idea.” Whenever we read it, I get all faraway and dreamy. I get stars in my eyes. Sometimes I even get a little misty.

Dream Big. Dream Little. Just Dream. Raleigh Moms Blog

I’m no inventor. I have no grand-never-heard-of ideas. Still. I have a whole bunch of little dreams floating around in my head. In my heart. They swirl around inside of me. For the most part, they remain dormant. Confined by the busy of day-to-day life. But, sometimes, I have some rare (really rare) free time. Sometimes, I find myself lost in thought while painting a piece of furniture. Lost in thought, starring at a random bench or bed or old picture frame at an antique store. Lost in thought. My husband, bless him, sees my face. He knows that I have some crazy thought, plan, idea … dream. “What?” He’ll ask. I’m sure that he may be afraid of my answer, but he never shows it. He only shows genuine interest. I’ll tell him, “what if we….” Or “what if I…” Or more often, I’ll say, “this is gonna sound crazy, but I’ve been thinking about…” I’m all talk right now, for the most part, and he knows it. But, he never says that. He never says, “that’s crazy” or “you don’t have time” or “I don’t think that would work.” He never says anything negative about any of it.

A few weekends ago we went out of town for a wedding, without our little ones. We had an afternoon free before our flight home and we went to lunch and hit up a few antique stores. It was lovely. Nothing gets my crazy idea juices flowing like an antique store. I love them. I never used to … it’s a fairly new thing. But, once I discovered how inspired I could be by old things, the love just grew. I rarely buy anything. Well, that may be a tiny fib. Either way, it’s more about the feelings I get. I get all excited, alive and full of ideas. R, my husband, laughs at me, yet, still encourages. It lifts me and fills me. This. This I’ve come to realize may be one of the great relationship secrets. It’s so easy and simple and yet it’s not always common. ENCOURAGE each other. SHARE each other’s dreams and interests. Even the little ones. Even just a little. This. This is mutually beneficial. This builds both parties up. I win. He wins. We win. By allowing me to daydream, he breathes a little bit of new life into me. In return, I do the same for him. Joy spreads. It’s contagious, y’all! And, you’ll discover more and more new things about each other and new interests that you can share. If, at first, this feels like a chore, stick it out … that part will fade as you watch your spouse transform little by little into a person who has dreams again. We are never too old or too settled to dream.  Dream, my friends. Dream big. Dream little. Dream together. Just dream.

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