52 Things I Love About You – DIY Spouse Gift

My husband and I have always been fans of homemade gifts for one another. The year we were engaged he painted me a beautiful painting that hangs in our living room and I made him meals for his freezer. The year we bought our first house was the year we decided not to do Christmas presents. Our first payment was due in December and we decided to keep Christmas as low key as possible. I couldn’t not get him anything though! So I whipped up this little homemade gift and it has been his favorite gift so far! 

DIY SPOUSE GIFT Raleigh Moms Blog
This gift is easy and so inexpensive. You may even be able to make it without taking a trip to the store! And you’ll be able to whip it up in under an hour. So if you need a thoughtful, last minute gift, this is the way to go! 

What you need:

  • 1 deck of cards
  • Binder clips, but string or yarn would work too
  • Hole punch
  • Labels
  • Make a list of 52 things you love about your spouse. Be silly, be sweet, whatever works for you guys! 
  • Type the list onto labels, one thing for each label. 
  • Print the labels. 
  • Attach one label to the front of each card. I choose the back of the cards for the labels for a pretty background. 
  • Punch a hole (or two) in the top of each card. 
  • Slide a binder clip through the holes or tie the string. 
  • Wrap it up and stick it under the tree! 
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