5 Things to Make You Feel Sexy in February

It’s tough to remember the way you felt when you first started dating your significant other and those little heart palpitations when you are scrubbing vomit off of your bed, wall and entire hallway. You probably have your hair in some half bun with pieces falling down somewhat resembling a 1980s mullet. Maybe a baggy tshirt or yoga pants (my fav)? Let’s face it we aren’t scrubbing vom down with a ballgown and stilettos. Sometimes you need to take a moment, step back and remember what made you feel great, what made you feel sexy and what can turn up the heat for February. Here are a few things that are making my day lately and I hope you can certainly enjoy them or share yours with me!

Feel Sexy In February

5 Things To Make You Feel Sexy In February

These are insanely comfortable and super lacy. They come in a ton of colors, but this little red number is really making me swoon. Say hello to your new friend …the bralette. You can get them as low as 7.99 and from multiple shops and brands, don’t break the bank but be certain to get one ASAP. It’s like yoga pants but for your girls!

This album is absolutely on repeat for me, this song playing the background can make anyone want to light a candle and dance with your prince charming (he still loves you even if you do have chunks of apple in your hair). This song is a perfect mix of sultry and sweet.

You know how great it feels to slip into your favorite pair of jeans? Maybe the ones you secretly don’t throw in the dryer for fear they will shrink? These jeans are giving me that vibe these days. Pair them up with your favorite heels and you’re all set for an amazing date night (in or out of your house!)  

The first time I wore red heels I was so nervous, but I can tell you it gives any outfit a pop of color! A night out with the hubs, it can take the hotness to the next level. You can get them for $15 or you can spend $300 – its up to you and your budget. These are really stealing my heart lately, though. A little spice added with the pointed toe, too!

Last of all, you can’t forget a scent. It is, after all the most nostalgic sense! I love scents for all occasions, especially ones I want to remember forever. I had a scent for my wedding, my daughter’s birth and for every getaway I’ve ever gone on with my hubby. When I spray them on it takes me back to a time and place that I’ll remember forever. Here’s a staple in my collection.

No matter what, find a little time to feel sexy this February and every now and then. As mommies we can get lost in our amazing job as superwoman, but we cannot forget the things we used to do to make ourselves feel amazing and sexy!

*The mentions in this post are some of my personal favorites. Raleigh Moms Blog was not paid to share them.
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