The Scoop on Five Local Shops You Should be Visiting for Home Decor

We recently returned to Raleigh after spending fifteen years in Washington, D.C.  After being gone for so many years, obviously a lot has changed since I grew up here.  Raleigh sure has grown!  One thing that happily took me by surprise was Raleigh’s extensive and unique local shopping scene – especially for home decor.  Do not get me wrong, like many of us moms on a budget, HomeGoods is my JAM.  But, as a small business owner myself, I have recently found myself wanting to #shoplocalraleigh and help other entrepreneurs more than ever.  Additionally, the craftsmanship and quality are always more solid when you buy vintage or used.  My three absolute musts for home décor and furnishings these days are

  • Quality
  • Uniqueness
  • Affordability

These five local shops are some of my favorite spots for finding home furnishings that fit all my musts.  Read on to see what makes them stand out and pay them a visit next time you’re in the market for a great buy for your home.

The Scoop on Five Local Shops You Should be Visiting for Home Decor - Raleigh Moms Blog


 The Scoop:  Finds is an adorable little shop tucked over on West Street near Seaboard Station.  Evie Dixon, owner, says her shop was actually born out of a blog that she started after college, aptly (or “embarrassingly!” says Dixon) named “Post-College Working Girl.” There, she used to post about doing things on a budget.  When she ran out of space furnishing her own apartment, she started selling things on Facebook and in a small booth at Cheshire Cat in Cameron Village.  As her side business grew, Dixon realized she was losing money while working at her full-time gig when she couldn’t respond in a timely manner to inquiries from potential customers.  So, she quit her day job (literally) and has been in business now for 7 years. 

What I Love: A lot of the pieces at Finds have a mid-century or Hollywood regency vibe, but there’s something for everyone.  I have purchased multiple pieces from large furniture to cool vintage art and everyone who works there is friendly and helpful in encouraging me to think outside of the box!   

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The Scoop on Five Local Shops You Should be Visiting for Home Decor - Raleigh Moms Blog

Premier Fabrics

 The Scoop:  Premier Fabrics is locally owned and operated by Leah Osborne who brought the business to Raleigh several years ago.  The parent company, Premier Prints, was founded in Tupelo, MS by a family with deep roots in the furniture industry.   Premier Fabrics offers affordable, environmentally-friendly, designer fabrics that are all made in the US. 

What I Love:  There is a wide selection of fabrics and Premier offers the most affordable options I’ve seen in Raleigh.  The store is arranged by color which makes it visually appealing and also helpful when trying to narrow down options.  They can pretty much make anything out of fabric – custom upholstered headboards, pillows, and bedding.  The store is very kid friendly and big enough to easily wheel a stroller through.  They also have a little table with books and coloring for kiddos.  As if that’s not enough to love, downstairs is a great vintage shop, The Little Red Hen.  You’ll find the sweet and funny owner of LRH, Ellen Baker, popping up and down between Premier and her own shop.  She’s worth a visit on her own! 

The Scoop on Five Local Shops You Should be Visiting for Home Decor - Raleigh Moms Blog


The Fab Foo

 The Scoop:  Laurie Sugg is a native North Carolinian who grew up in Wilmington and attended college at UNC.  After a thirty-year career in investment banking and technology where she traveled extensively, Laurie, a recent empty-nester, made a drastic career change and opened her own shop, The Fab Foo located at 2011 Progress Court. She’s also got a booth at Hunt and Gather located in Seaboard Station.  Because Laurie does all her own buying and sourcing, the shop hours vary but are always posted on her website.

What I Love: The second you meet Laurie, you feel welcome in her beautiful store.  Stepping into her shop is like hitting the jackpot on one of the coolest collections of Chinoiserie you’ve ever seen.  Except her shop isn’t just Asian-influenced pieces.  She’s got a mix (my favorite thing!) of all styles, vintages, and price-ranges.  Laurie says that the only unifying factor of her collection is that she’d only buy it if she’d put it in her own home.  She’s got unique lamps, killer foo dogs (her namesake), stunning vintage glassware, and beautiful larger furniture pieces as well. 

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The Scoop on Five Local Shops You Should be Visiting for Home Decor - Raleigh Moms Blog

Union Camp Collective

 The Scoop:  While Union Camp Collective is a great stop for home furnishings, it’s also an experience.  Everything about the shop exudes a quirky coolness, just like the owner, Charlotte Smith.  Smith opened for business on Valentine’s Day of 2016 in a former auto garage built in the 1960’s in an area of town that wasn’t a spot you’d think of for a retail business.  Unfazed and armed with ambition and a whole lotta elbow grease, Smith cleaned up the tattered, dank garage and has magically transformed it into one of the best spots in town to shop for home furnishings.  Smith prides herself in having something for everyone – from every style imaginable to every price point. 

What I Love: The first time I ever went to Union Camp Collective, Charlotte welcomed me like a long-time friend.  She took the time to give me a rundown on the layout of her large store and then took some of the guesswork out by saying, “Don’t be afraid to bargain.  The furniture doesn’t have feelings.”  Anything you could possibly need for your home – from dining table and chairs to a dresser for your child’s room, to a living room light fixture – can be found at UCC.  Because everything is vintage, and some things need some fixing up, Charlotte is awesome about helping with ideas for recovering, lacquering, and creatively thinking about how to modernize and spruce things up. 


Form & Function

 The Scoop:  Form & Function is conveniently located at Five Points above For Your Convenience and celebrates their 5th anniversary this May (check out their big Anniversary sale starting May 10th!).  Carole Marcotte, owner of F&F, started out with a part-time design business while her children were young and her husband travelled frequently for work.  Once the kids were a little older and her husband’s travel commitments were off the table, she followed her dream of opening her store, as an extension of her design philosophy which is “reuse, refurbish, and sustainability.”


What I Love: F&F is a one-stop shop with a really cool vibe.  The store is large with an open atmosphere and an awesome variety of vintage and new pieces, as well as gift items.  Not only can you find home furnishings at F&F, it’s a great stop for kids’ gifts and toys.


Cameron Jones of Cameron Jones Interiors and Adorned Adobe

After spending 15 years in Washington, D.C., Cameron, along with her husband and two young children, recently relocated back to her hometown of Raleigh.  Cameron launched Cameron Jones Interiors in March of this year and has been the voice behind her blog, Adorned Abode since 2009, where she blogs about making a house a home.  While Cameron’s family is her main job and primary love; interior design is her second.  She’s happiest when she’s got Mexican food, a large glass of red wine and a good home makeover show on the TV.  Follow Cameron on InstagramFacebook and Twitter

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