Revive Your Entryway On A Dime

When we bought our house not quite years ago, I was banking on it being “move-in ready”. Although the footprint of the house was different, it wasn’t that much larger than our previous home, so I assumed I had enough furniture to fill it and everything would just come together. As a woman obsessed with home decor, I should have known better. When we moved in, despite having “enough” furniture, it seemed like nothing fit.

Shortly before our closing, the startup I was working for shut down and I lost my job. Our daughter was 9 months old at the time. My grand vision for quickly moving in and setting up my home quickly faded when suddenly our income was cut in half and the infant I had to pull out of daycare started walking. I now instead had a real clear vision of the concept of time and money. 

Frankly, it was probably the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Instead of just being able to instantly order what I needed (wanted), I have spent the better part of two years patiently plotting out how I wanted each room to look and waiting to find the right pieces at the right prices to make it work. In addition, I have fully embraced my inner creative to tackle some DIY projects. 

Revive Your Entryway On A Dime

Our entryway was in need of help. It is kind of a narrow space. I considered putting a small bench and coat rack there, but I hate clutter and suspected it would be hard for our busy family to keep that area organized. Visions of coats, bags and shoes spilling into our walkway sent my OCD to an 11. 

Instead I decided to try an entry table, but I needed something narrow enough. After trying and failing with a couple other pieces we had on hand, I remembered a table that we used to keep behind our couch was in the attic. It had been an unfinished wood piece that I stained years ago to match our old decor. It was the perfect size, but its dark color was just bringing down the happy, welcoming vibe I wanted in our new entryway. 

After one successful chalk paint project, I decided to give it another go and paint the table instead of trying to re-stain it. I was set in my head on a vibrant coral, but had a hard time finding the right shade until a woman working at Two Old Birds suggested I mix two colors. Wa-la! It worked! 

I initially purchased two sample jars, but it wasn’t quite enough to cover the dark stain, so I bought two more sample jars so I could mix the colors accurately again. I used Annie Sloan, which isn’t cheap, but it was still much cheaper than purchasing a new table. I know a lot of people are now making their own version of chalk paint and some other brands have popped on the market as well, so you can probably do this even cheaper than I did. 

With my table done, it was time to think about styling. I have been loving the revival of ginger jars recently, so I knew I wanted a pop of white and blue. I’ve hung a large and colorful picture on the wall above the table, so I didn’t want to over-color the styling. After all, the table itself is also quite bold…I was going for happy and welcoming, not rainbow bright.

I decided to use mostly whites with a little pop of gold because try as I might to downplay it, I am just a girl that loves a little glam in my life. I have also been loving the look of adding a little fur or faux fur into the mix, but most of the furry stools or benches I was seeing we in the $300 range. 

I lucked out over the holidays and found a couple yards of white faux fur on sale and then found a stool at Home Goods for $29. With a little padding and glue, I had my own furry masterpiece! 

I am super pleased with how it came out and even more pleased that I did it all using mostly items that I already had on hand.


Revive Your Entryway On A Dime Raleigh Moms Blog

My BFF bought me these tea towels that I absolutely love. They were part of my inspiration…

Revive Your Entryway On A Dime Raleigh Moms Blog

I did two coats of chalk paint with a brush and then put a clear gloss on with a roller to ensure a smooth finish. A lot of people use wax on chalk paint projects to seal the finish, which I have done and works great, but I wanted this table to have a more polished look

Revive Your Entryway On A Dime Raleigh Moms Blog


Revive Your Entryway On A Dime Raleigh Moms Blog

New frame for an old print of Savannah’s waterfront + letter “K” both came from Michael’s craft store using 40% off coupons $12. Cookie jar turned dog treat jar came from Target $14.

Revive Your Entryway On A Dime Raleigh Moms Blog

Chippy, ginger jar inspired vase – World Market $15. Repainted mirror frame – $0.

Revive Your Entryway On A Dime Raleigh Moms Blog

“K” dish on sale at Target for $6.

Revive Your Entryway On A Dime Raleigh Moms Blog



Chalk Paint $60

Table Decor $47

Furry Stool $39






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