Michelin OnSite Made Me Love Tires

Did you say tires? Yes, indeed I did! Tires. Those black things that go on your car have always been one of those things that I hate to spend money on.

Michenlin OnSite Available in the Triangle Raleigh Moms Blog

Necessary? Absolutely. In fact, we probably under estimate the value of having a good set of tires on our cars, but they are pretty much equally as important as things like brakes and seat belts. Bald tires will send you off a slick highway or leave you stranded on the side of the road with a flat. 

But spending money on tires? Lets face it, not so fun. I don’t think I know any other moms that enjoy spending their “free” time sitting at a tire shop waiting for your car to get fitted with new tires that you just paid hundreds of dollars for after nodding your head, pretending to know what treads you were purchasing. 

Michenlin OnSite Available in the Triangle Raleigh Moms Blog

Enter Michelin OnSite. A mobile tire service that will come to your home, office or anywhere in between at a time and day that is convenient for you? Suddenly tires are sounding a little more appealing! 

Today we can order all kinds of food for delivery, we can even order our groceries online and pick them up in a drive-thru. Michelin OnSite is the same kind of service. You can go online, select your tires, schedule a convenient time for installation and the “Michelin Men” will come to you! If you are not sure what kind of tires you need, you can call a toll free number and one of their skilled representatives will ask you the right questions to determine what tires are best for your vehicle. 

Michenlin OnSite Available in the Triangle Raleigh Moms Blog

Scheduling was a snap and they showed up at my home exactly when they said they would be there. Honestly? It was really cool! They drive a large custom van that is quite nice and fully branded for Michelin OnSite, so there was no question who pulled up. Two gentlemen got out introduced themselves and reviewed my purchase with me, ensuring that I understood what kind of tires I purchased, approximately how long I could expect them to last and what their warranty information was. 

Then, they got to work. My steering wheel was covered, along with my floor mats and they used special tools that don’t scratch your rims when they remove your old tires (thank goodness, because that is a real concern with my sensible mom Honda.)

Michenlin OnSite Available in the Triangle Raleigh Moms Blog

Each tire and rim was removed with care and then they cleaned my rims before installing the new tires. I don’t think my rims have ever looked so clean! It was like I had a new car again! I also learned that they fill the tires with nitrogen instead of air because it helps your tires maintain consistent inflation pressure, particularly with the varying temperature changes we have around here this time of year. 

Michenlin OnSite Available in the Triangle Raleigh Moms Blog

Did I mention they did all of this right in my very own driveway? How cool is that? This service is not only great for busy mothers, but is tailored to any Triangle resident with a car and a distinct lack of free time. They will come to your office as well. How great would it be to not have to use your PTO or lunch break to get tires installed? They even work in the rain, thanks to a canopy that pops out from their fancy van.

Michelin chose to pilot the Michelin OnSite service exclusively in the Triangle due to the strong spirit of innovation in the region. The service is available all over our region and if you visit their site and do not find your zip code, you are encouraged to call. With so many new areas popping up around here, they may just not have it in their system yet. 

I’ve been driving around telling everyone about my new tires. Now, you can too. Give it a try! 

  1. Visit, input the year, make and model of your vehicle and purchase a set of tires from a list of options. Support with purchasing is available via either live chat online or phone call (866-420-8846)
  2. Schedule a day and time for the installation
  3. Schedule a location for the installation, and the Michelin OnSite team will arrive and perform the installation on-site wherever the user chooses

Michenlin OnSite Available in the Triangle Raleigh Moms Blog

This post was sponsored by Michelin OnSite. Raleigh Moms Blog is proud to partner with businesses offering services to make moms’ lives easier. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. 
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