How To Organize Your Closet

Season changes always seem to inspire me want to purge and reorganize.  My husband has been traveling for the last two weeks and I’ve rearranged all sorts of things.  I can’t wait until he gets home and see what he thinks of the changes.  One area that always gets an overhaul is my closet, so I thought I would share a few of my strategies for how my closet gets organized.

How To Organize Your Closet Raleigh Moms Blog

I’m not going to tell you if you haven’t worn it in 6 months, get rid of it.   That just doesn’t quite work for me. I have things I have stowed away and pulled out 3 years later and loved.  However, I will tell you… PLEASE get things that you aren’t wearing or don’t fit OUT of your closet!  It’s only adding clutter and preventing you from seeing the clothes that look great on you.  I am blessed with attic space to store my seasonal clothing, so each new season presents an opportunity to level set my closet.  You can store things under you bed, in the attic, in a spare closet, just PLEASE not in the area where you’re getting dressed every day.

Ok, I’m off my soap box.  Before you get started, here are a couple of items that are handy to have when to organize your closet:  

  • Trash bags- both for trash and items to be donated

  • Pen and Paper – to write down items you are donating for your tax records as well as a list of items you need for the new season.

  • A block of uninterrupted time – I know some of you may be thinking – yeah right.  I totally get it, but it will make the process SO much easier if you can devote an hour of time to focus and get it done.  It may take you longer depending on how long it’s been since you last organized your closet, and that’s ok.  Just break it up into manageable chunks of time.

Now it’s time to get to the fun part!  The first thing I do is sort through my outgoing season’s clothes and ask myself 4 questions:

  1. Does this fit?

  2. Did I wear this (on a regular basis)?

  3. Do I still like it enough to wear again next year?

  4. Is this in good enough condition to wear next year?

If the answer is no; I determine if it is good enough to pass along or if it just needs to be cut up and used for rags or thrown away.  Unfortunately, I’ve had a few things no one should be wearing, and I just hope there are not pictures of me in them!

Then I pull out the new seasons items and ask myself the same questions.  Do I still like it?  Sometimes I can’t let an item go but when I pull it back out I wonder what I was thinking.  Does it still fit?  I’ve had 3 babies in 5 years. I have had a host of sizes in my closet.  It’s important get rid of clothes that are too big as well as too small.  If you are a person that fluctuates between sizes, don’t get rid of everything, but only keep your current size in your closet.  Store away those jeans you hope to get into and the ones you keep for when you’ve been a little over served through the holidays.  I know I said this earlier, but it bears repeating, you don’t have to throw it away, but please get it out of your closet.

I also like to keep a donate bag or box in my closet or laundry room. Inevitably throughout the year, you will realize something just isn’t working for you.  Don’t hang it back up, get rid of it!  Sometimes it’s hard to get started, but it is so liberating as soon as you begin.

How To Organize Your Closet Raleigh Moms Blog

Once you have the items that are going to be in your closet, it’s time to get things organized.  I suggest hanging similar things together to make them easier to find. For example; hang all shirts together, pants together, dresses, etc. I also suggest that you hang everything on the same type of hanger, hanging in the same direction.  If you don’t have extra money to buy new hangers, no worries, but if you’re going to do all this work, take the extra few minutes to hang or fold things neatly and put back.  Your clothes should be easy to see which makes it easy for you to get dressed.  I also hang my clothes in color groups, which speeds up the process of getting dressed.

Don’t forget to sort through your shoes, bags and accessories. You can use the same process for your shoes and bags that you used for your clothes.  If you have a pair of shoes you love, but they have seen better days, take them to be repaired. They can do some amazing things to revive worn out shoes.

How To Organize Your Closet Raleigh Moms Blog

A lot of women that have great accessories, but don’t wear them because they aren’t at an arm’s reach when they are getting dressed. If at all possible, display your accessories in the area where you get dressed so you can see them. I have a simple piece of pegboard in my closet where my necklaces hang. I also have one of those storage cubbies that hangs in my closet to hold my larger belts, scarves and hats.  This helps me remember to put them on and allows me to see what I have.

Finally, I start a list of items that I need in my closet and keep my eye out for when I am out and about. This keeps my clothing budget down because I’m only buying items I need. It also keeps me from impulse shopping, because I know what I already have. Like I tell my son all the time, if it’s not on the list, we can’t get it.

You should love at least 75% of the items in your closet. I don’t care if it’s a t-shirt & yoga pants or “going out” clothes…life is too short to wear clothes that you don’t love!


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