31 Things to Declutter in January + FREE Printable Checklist!

If organization is on your list of New Year’s Resolutions, decluttering is the perfect place to start!  Plan to tackle one of these each day to declutter and by the end of the month you’ll be well on your way to a more organized you in 2019!

31 Things to Declutter in January

1.       Old holiday decorations – Broken lights, anything that hasn’t been displayed in a couple of years, holiday cards

2.       Arts and crafts projects – Save one or two to display or put away, photograph and get rid of the rest.

3.       Pantry items – Expired foods, spices older than a year

4.       Kitchenware – Duplicates, promo mugs, chipped plates

5.       Fridge and Freezer – old condiments, expired items, freezer burned foods

6.       Bookshelves – unused cookbooks, outgrown children’s books, books you won’t read again or never finished, old magazines

7.       Medicine Cabinet – expired medications, old first aid creams or eye drops

8.       Linen Closet – worn sheets and towels, extra sheets (keep 2 sets per bed), unused blankets, old pillows

9.       Toiletries – half empty bottles, products you’ve replaced, old makeup, anything dried up

10.   Décor – items that no longer fit your style, anything broken, excess candles

11.   Office Supplies – excessive pens, pencils, scissors, old planners and calendars no longer being used

12.   Mail and Receipts – expired coupons, receipts over a month old (unless you’re keeping for taxes), old catalogs

13.   Art Supplies – dried up glue, leftover pieces from sets, old coloring books, broken crayons, dried up markers

14.   Clothes – outgrown or worn items, items out of style, items with stains or requiring tailoring, stretched out undergarments, lone socks

15.   Accessories – old purses, jewelry that is no longer in style, ill-fitting shoes, earrings without a pair

16.   Cleaning Supplies – old rags or mop heads, products older than a year, cleaning products that didn’t work as advertised

17.   Kids Toys – toys from restaurants, forgotten stuffed animals, outgrown dress up clothes, toys for younger children, anything broken

18.   CDs/DVDs – items not used in a year, anything scratched or that has been transferred to digital

19.   Hobby Supplies – items for hobbies that are truly outgrown, half-finished projects

20.   Electronics – anything broken, things that aren’t being used, old cords and chargers, old cameras and phones

21.   Digital clutter – old emails, excess or blurry photos, documents over 3 years old, apps no longer being used

22.   Purse – “treasures” your kid found, food items you forgot about, duplicate makeup items

23.   Gifts – any gift that hasn’t been used in a year, holds little sentimental value, or that you just don’t like

24.   Tools – anything in a junk drawer, extra parts for built furniture, duplicate tools, anything broken

25.   Sports Items – outgrown bikes and scooters, deflated balls, old footwear, duplicate items

26.   Garage – old planters, seeds, items stored for over 5 years, children’s tools that have been outgrown

27.   Attic – broken or worn luggage, forgotten seasonal items, clothes stored over a year ago, old boxes for appliances or from moving, old paint and building supplies

28.   Game Closet – anything with missing pieces, loose pieces that you’re unsure where they belong, games that have been outgrown, anything that hasn’t been used in a year

29.   Coat Closet – shoes that aren’t being used, more than 3 coats for one person, mittens or gloves missing their match, excess hats or scarves

30.   Filing Cabinet – bills that have been paid, old bank statements, paystubs older than 1 year, tax documents over 7 years

31.   Party Supplies – excess gift wrap, worn out reusable gift bags, scrunched up bows, duplicate items, leftover favors, themed items

Want a freebie to decluttering your home this January?

Click HERE and download this free Printable Decluttering Checklist to help you get started.

Don’t forget to tell us in the comments below your favorite tip to decluttering.

We’d love to hear from you and happy decluttering this January!

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