Consumable Christmas Gifts for Family & Friends

Consumable Christmas Gifts for Family & FriendsFor you mamas out there who don’t want one more thing to come in the door, this topic is for you, because I am right there with you! We are so blessed in America. Our closets are full, our makeup bags are overflowing and our cabinets are loaded with every you-name-it kitchen device. If you are anything like me you are always cleaning out and always giving away things that have lost their season of use in the home. This is why I am committed this year to giving my friends and family consumable gifts!

Yes, it takes some creativity and possibly some extra time to put the gift together, but in the end it will be used, appreciated and remembered for its thoughtfulness!

First let’s talk about our husbands. One day my husband and I were dreaming about things that we would enjoy learning more about. This was a great opportunity to start brainstorming gift ideas — sign up for a cooking class together, find a personal boxing coach that offers an attainable lesson package that fits the budget or hire a babysitter and plan a special dinner out!

Secondly, let’s talk about the little ones running around our feet. I am a mother to a fifteen-month-old little girl and I am committed to making precious memories with her. Depending on the age of your child you can really get super creative. What about a trip to the zoo, a craft night or finding a fun camp that runs during Christmas break for them to enjoy!

Finally, let’s talk about our girlfriends. What would we do without our girlfriends! Seriously, we gotta look out for each other. What about a gift of an essential oil with some wool dryer balls, a trade-off to babysit for each other, ingredients for an Instant Pot meal or a planned night out to paint.

Please jump in below and share your gift ideas! I love gifts that I can eat guilt free, gifts that teach me something new, and gifts that encourage the mind to explore! Tell me what you have done this year to be creative. Let’s make lasting memories!

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