5 MORE Tips To Get Your Shopping Done Earl(ier) Than Most People

I’m so excited to be guest posting for my favorite Raleigh mamas! After sharing my first post last February, the team NBC News reached out to do a piece on how I get my family’s shopping done early. You can watch that interview below. It was so fun, but I figured since everyone was really interested in ‘how I did it’ I’d share another five tips with you! These five tips will help you either start or finish your holiday shopping with as much sanity as possible and leave a little extra money in your wallet too!

5 MORE Tips To Get Your Shopping Done Earl(ier) Than Most People Raleigh Moms Blog

Use Apps for extra savings!

Ebates is fantastic for online shopping. When I discovered this app I saved $20 in one week alone. I installed the extension into my browser and every time I was on an eligible site – the “Cashback %” would pop-up and ask me if I wanted to activate. Of course, I said yes! Please send me a check. Honey is another app and extension you can use to save a ton of money. It will attempt every discount code it finds to help you save. Almost every time I use this one I save at least on the shipping.


Shop the sales when the sales are there.

One of my second favorite sales (a second of course to holiday clearance) is that of seasons end. When Spring ends and it ends early grab up some of those finds that can be used for three of the four seasons (Fall, Spring, and Summer!) Need a raincoat for your favorite cutie? This is the time to purchase! While you’re at it …save it for Christmas. *wink!*

Create sale alerts through

Some of my favorites are “80% off Gymboree,” “50% off Gap, Old Navy,” and you can customize these to pick up alerts that you might not see yourself. PLUS it keeps your inbox from being cluttered with other e-mail from the actual brands. 

Create Amazon lists (yes, even for next year!)

These lists are little bits of Heaven. I started creating them to remind myself of things I wanted to buy for my little but my hubby logged in before a birthday (I had no idea!) and when I opened my gifts …they were all things I actually wanted. WHAT? How did I skip that bit of knowledge for Christmas? And so it began. I started my Christmas list and notated who each gift would be for. Throughout the year I’d buy the gifts and at Christmas I was stocked. I’d listen for things folks wanted and expressed that they loved. If you really want to know what someone likes go shopping with them. They might not say out loud that they love something, but sometimes they’ll pick it up, smell it (candles, perfume), taste it (macaroons!) or just glance at it a little longer. It’s a way to put those reporter skills to good use, right?

Don’t give gifts up early!

I learned this the hard way. I’d get something super amazing that I was so excited about and I’d give it to my little before it was Christmas. I got an adorable vanity that she uses so often and I was just so excited to give it to her that as soon as I picked it up it went right to her room. Imagine the surprise when she would open it or come down the stairs to find it waiting? It’s worth it. Hide those gifts and don’t give in to temptation!

Stacey Bargar is former Raleigh Moms Blog Contributor. She recently moved to Charlotte with her beautiful family and we are delighted to have her as a guest contributor. In addition to working full time outside the home, she continues to blog, craft and of course finish all that holiday shopping early! 

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