4 Tips for Dressing for the Holidays

The holidays bring enough stress of their own, the last thing that needs to be adding stress is dressing for holiday events!  You also don’t have a lot of extra time, so these are just a few short tips to take away the stress of what to wear.

The most important thing is to think ahead.  What events do you have to attend?  Don’t wait until the day of your event and rush to grab something.  That usually just results in overspending and one time use purchases.  You don’t have to spend a fortune to look great.

Add a little sparkle – sparkle doesn’t have to mean head to toe sequins, but it is the holidays, go a little crazy.  I’ve seen all kinds of cute and reasonably priced items at our local discount stores.   I actually tried on a full sequin dress, but couldn’t do it.  It was just too prickly!  If you aren’t comfortable in sequin clothing, think metallic.  Accessories are a great way to incorporate metallic without looking like the tin man. A cute pair of gold heels or some oversized earrings are good options. I bought a really cute metallic headband which is awesome because not only does it add sparkle to my outfit, it also allows me to just throw my hair up in a bun and not have to worry with my hair.

sparkle and purple

Glam it up – Sometimes simply adding dramatic make-up and nails can glam up a simple outfit. Take the opportunity to experiment with false eye lashes or a great smokey eye.  I’m not great with dramatic make-up or nails, so I go to You Tube for tutorials or Pinterest for inspiration.   If you don’t normally wear make-up, try wearing mascara and lipstick (it doesn’t have to be red).  It can make a big impact without looking overly done.


Rachael found this look on Instagram @alexxnails. Click image to visit link.

Rent it – I haven’t tried this yet, but I really want to!  Since I haven’t tried it, I can’t recommend a company, but these type of services have been around for a while and are very reputable.  You rent a designer dress for a fraction on the cost.  I think this is a great option because you get to wear an awesome dress and don’t end up with something you don’t want to wear again because you already wore it to last year’s party.  One extra tip, if you do this and someone compliments you on your dress.  Simply say ‘thank you’!  You don’t have to give away your secret.

Color me purple – To be sure there will be plenty of people wearing black and red.  You might also see some green thrown in, but just because it’s the holiday season does not mean you are relegated to Christmas colors.  You will surely stand out, in a good way, if you wear a different color.  If you can’t see yourself in a dramatic color, consider winter white.  It’s chic and sophisticated.

My last tip isn’t necessarily considered a holiday event, but take just a minute to think about Christmas morning.  It’s a highly photographed day.  I for one am tired of looking like crap in every Christmas picture with the kids. This year, I’m planning on buying a new pair of comfy and cute pj’s and hopefully I’ll stay in them all day long!

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