You Deserve a Healthy Relationship With Food!

You Deserve a Healthy Relationship With FoodI am in love. The way I feel is no match for any other. The adrenaline, the satisfaction, the cravings. I’m a better person now. I live more adventurously with more stamina, more energy and more drive. I have a little and then just want more. It’s insatiable. I truly love my…FOOD.

Oh did you think I was talking about my husband? Yes, I love him. But I am talking about food. My relationship with food is new and young and fun! How’s yours?

So often we choose food as our enemy and blame it for our physical unhappiness. It’s food’s fault we can’t wear a smaller size. It’s food’s fault we can’t run faster. We are emotional eaters and use food when we are happy or sad or angry or inconsolable. It’s time we start looking at it as its intended purpose: fuel.

NASM’s, National Academy of Sports Medicine, definition states “the food we eat is what provides our cells with the needed energy to survive and function properly”. Quite simply, food is fuel.

In order for food to become our fuel, it needs to be converted into smaller units which we know as carbs, proteins and fats. Those units each have a specific purpose. They each play a role and with you as the conductor, can play theirs to perfection. But know this: if you want a beautiful harmony you need to pick the right notes. Remember when mom said, “it’s not what you say it’s how you say it?” Well, remember what Kim said, “It’s not how many calories, it’s what calories!” I am aiming for the history books folks, make me look good!

I enjoy dessert and occasional meals out because I plan them in. I use Pinterest and follow food blogs for meals that I can make using real wholesome ingredients. It can be trial and error! And when I eat out, I read the entire menu and am not afraid to alter my meal. Polite discussions with the wait staff can help you avoid an off-course disaster. And know this. When I had ice cream the other night, I enjoyed it. Every. Last. Lick. There is nothing worse than regretting your meal. If you eat it, own it and enjoy it. Then move on. That’s why we plan for it. And that, my friends, help us to avoid placing emotions to food.

My refrigerator is also always stocked with proteins like eggs, turkey breast, chicken and shrimp and carbs like fresh fruits, vegetables…wait, you thought I was going to say pasta and rice, right? Gotcha! Fruit and veggies are carbs! There is so much to learn!

Jessica Parsons, RN, Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist says, “We need to eat more to weigh less, the calorie in<calories out equation does NOT work. And although carbs aren’t the enemy, all carbs are not created equal either.” Now you see where I get it from. There really is so much to learn.

And that’s just it, there really IS so much to learn. (I will keep saying it!) So, learn it. Invest in yourself and your body will thank you.

Nikki Gerds, NASM and ISSA Certified Personal Trainer says, “It’s never too late to get back on track. You will mess up sometimes and that’s okay. Forgive yourself. Just keep getting back up and leaving unhealthy habits behind you.”

Yes. FORGIVE YOURSELF. Then, move on.

Here are my tips:

  1. Bring food with you. Everywhere. We do for our kids anyway, right? So why not pack a snack for ourselves? I headed down the shore (hey, it’s a shore, I’m from JerZ!) last weekend with beef jerky, homemade trail mix and fresh fruit. Simple. Satisfying. Yummy.
  2. Balance those meals. Don’t just eat an apple. Add some protein. I combine my meals with carbs, proteins and fats, making sure I have all three. It’s as easy as rolling up some turkey breast next to the apple and tossing some almonds into the container.
  3. Ask questions. Never stop asking questions.

When I eat the right things, my body works differently. When I train, I need energy to lift or run or pull myself across the rig and I can’t do that on a saltine cracker and apple juice. I started to understand that. I got out and researched and started finding alternatives. Healthy but oh so delicious, mouthwatering, scrumptious alternatives.

Guys, I really am in love.

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