Why Adding to your Bucket List in your 30s is Totally Acceptable!

Why Adding to your Bucket List in your 30s is Totally AcceptableWhen I was younger I could fill up a bucket list with no problem. I would think about the whole big wide world, places that seemed magical. I had no idea what would be going on in the world when I finally had the time and money to see it. I never thought about the reality that I might not get to go somewhere because I wasn’t allowed, or maybe I couldn’t afford such a trip. Now that reality has really set in I’ve been thinking more about that list. I pulled it out a time or two to glance at that big blue marker print, bubbly handwriting and how that list seems to small compared to the time when I wrote it. 

Nonetheless, I’ve started adding pretty specific things to the list. Some that folks might think are strange, but things that I actually want to do and experience. The most recent addition was ice fishing on a lake. It can be in Canada, it can be in Michigan! I just want to sit in a shanty with some lanterns, snacks, a book and ice fish. It seems simple, doesn’t it? It seems cold, too, but who doesn’t love a good excuse to get some new gear.

I challenge you, dear mama, to keep adding to the bucket list. Whether its tangible or a floating list of dreams in your mind – find ways to make them a reality. If you can involve your littles …do it! After the toys are donated because they’ve been outgrown, all we have are memories. Would you rather remember that Lego set or the time you were able to hike that trail, sail a boat or take a European vacation together? I think we both know the answer.

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