My Honest Review of CoolSculpting

Freeze your fat? It sounds kind of scary doesn’t it? Honestly, it did sound a little scary to me until I started asking more questions and doing some research on it. I also had a couple of friends who had tried it and were really pleased with their results. And then there was this pesky fat…back fat to be more specific. Yet another thing I will  just go ahead and put in the category that I didn’t realize was a possible “side effect” of pregnancy. 

CoolSculpting Review Davis and Pyle Plastic Surgery RaleighEven after losing pregnancy weight and working out, I found myself hyper focused on my back. I didn’t like the way my silhouette looked in clothes and found myself continually adding more layers or wearing things baggier than they really needed to be. I just felt frumpy. To top things off, I was also working out regularly and eating a healthy diet. The back fat wouldn’t budge.

Now, I am certain that there are people out there reading this, thinking that there is a different workout routine I should be doing, or maybe I just need to amp it up a little more, or maybe I should even just get over it. The reality is though, for me, personally? I literally feel like I am doing everything I can do. I get up early to workout, come home, get myself and my family ready to get out the door, go to work all day, come home, make dinner, try and get in some quality time with my kid….sound familiar? Regardless of what your personal situation is, we are all taxed. 

I started to feel like the back fat was holding me back. It was making me self-conscious even when I worked out. It is just a really hard area to reach. Truthfully, I think most of us, whether we admit it or not, have something about us that we might like to change. I reached out to Davis & Pyle plastic surgery in Raleigh. I have gotten the privilege to get to know their surgeons and staff over the years. They are all so down to earth and supportive, it really allows you to let your guard down and ask sometimes uncomfortable questions. 

During my first consultation with Louise, the CoolSculpting Team Lead for Davis & Pyle, I was put completely at ease. It was like I was sitting there chatting with a girlfriend. We discussed what my goals were and looked at my areas of concern to be sure that I was even a good candidate for the procedure. I am a facts girl, so I of course also came prepared with a laundry list of questions. 

CoolSculpting Review Davis and Pyle Plastic Surgery Raleigh

My back fat…circled. Just in case you missed it.

How many sessions do patients/clients typically have? Does it depend on the area?

The most common answer is just one. It depends on the area, how much fat there is, and how significant the person wants the results to be.  Like with anything that we do, it’s about matching the treatment plan to expectations.

When is CoolSculpting not recommended or effective?

The root of the question is why I would always recommend someone considering CoolSculpting to get evaluated at a board certified plastic surgeon’s office.  The key to good results in this field comes from being able to tell someone who will not get a good result with CoolSculpting to consider a different route. You want someone who offers all of the potential routes so you don’t get treated just because you asked for it.  I wouldn’t recommend CoolSculpting for someone with excess loose skin or someone who needs more of a muscle repair.  The muscles in the abdomen can weaken and separate during pregnancy or with weight loss, and the best way to fix that is an abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck!).  

What areas of the body can you do CoolSculpting on? 

My favorite question!  Most people don’t realize all the different areas that can be treated.  Chin, arms, axilla (also known as tank top fat or “chicken wings”), bra fat, waist, hips, love handles, abdomen, inner thighs, outer thighs, knees, and banana roll are all areas we can improve with CoolSculpting.

Does CoolSculpting help you lose weight? 

Technically, no.  Fat cells don’t weigh very much so you can see a change in the shape of your body, but the scale might not change.  We do see a lot of patients that use CoolSculpting as an investment in themselves.  Once they have spent the time at our office and the money on the procedure, they use that as motivation to keep up their hard work.

Is the new 35 minute treatment effective on all areas? Or do some areas still require the 1 hour treatments?

The 35 minute applicators can be used on almost every area that the traditional hour long applicators were used.  There are a few exceptions where we would still use the hour long treatments.  The chin applicator is 45 minutes and the outer thigh treatment takes 1 hour and 15 minutes.  We have four machines so we are able to make the most of your time here and treat multiple areas at the same time!

What do you  personally like most about performing CoolSculpting treatments and/or the technology?

The follow up appointments are my favorite.  I love being able to show people their before and after pictures and see how happy they are that they did CoolSculpting.  Our office is full of happy people.  That’s such an uncommon thing in medicine. 

Does CoolSculpting get rid of cellulite?

CoolSculpting isn’t designed to help with cellulite.  Until recently, when people asked that exact question, I didn’t have a good answer for them.  Our office started Cellfina last year and the results have been outstanding.  It’s different from everything previously available in that it is a very directed treatment. It only goes where the problem is. It’s also the only treatment that solves the problem once and for all.  The treated cellulite never comes back.

So, did it work? 

I am very happy with my results! I did 2 sessions on two areas at the same time (love handles and bra fat). Each session took just over an hour, using the 35 minute applicators on each side. I was super nervous going into my first session, but it honestly did not hurt badly at all. 

The gel pads that they put on to protect your skin are cold and slimey, but I would describe the moment they turn the applicators on as mildly uncomfortable at best. It just feels like someone is pinching your fat really hard (which may have been more uncomfortable from a mental prospective than a physical one). 

Davis & Pyle’s CoolSculpting room is like a hotel suite. There is a big screen tv, so you can literally watch Netflix and “chill” and there is a fridge full of refreshments if you are feeling parched. I wish I could have stayed longer. CoolSculpting Review Davis and Pyle Plastic Surgery Raleigh

The worst part of the whole procedure was after they remove the applicators. For maximum effectiveness, Louise massaged each area for 2 minutes. As your tissue begins to warm up, it feels really achy. I would describe this feeling as when you are outside in the cold and your fingers start to get numb and achy, but a little more intense. It definitely was not terrible and the discomfort lasted about 45 seconds – 1 minute of the entire 2 minute massage. So, it was fleeting. 

Recovery and Results

Post-procedure, I felt 100% fine, but definitely had some raspberry like bruising. It didn’t hurt nearly as bad as it looked, and Louise gave me some homeopathic cream to help with the bruising and discoloration. It cleared up within a day or two.

CoolSculpting Review Davis and Pyle Plastic Surgery Raleigh

Post procedure bruising

CoolSculpting Review Davis and Pyle Plastic Surgery Raleigh

Side note…this stuff also works great on your neck for a tension headache!

After each procedure, it can take up to 3 months to begin to see your results, but after my first procedure, I could tell a difference, particularly in my love handles (I hate that term) within a month. 

Now, after 2 procedures, I am not totally “fat free” on my back, but I can 100% tell a difference in my silhouette and the way my clothes fit. I no longer shy away from tighter fitting shirts for fear of seeing “bra buldge”. Also, because the back of my waistline is smaller, I also see a difference in the front as well! 

Before and After CoolSculpting Photos Davis and Pyle Plastic Surgery Raleigh Moms Blog

After 2 Treatments

As Louise mentioned above, it has totally given me my confidence back and I am more motivated than ever to keep working out. I know that with continued health and fitness, my results will just keep getting better and that feels amazing. CoolSculpting was totally worth it for me and I am now considering a couple other areas that I might want to try. 


Do you have questions? Feel free to ask them below! I will be glad to answer them from a honest, patient perspective. Do you have technical questions or questions on whether on not this procedure is right for you? I absolutely recommend making an appointment for a consultation with Davis & Pyle. You will leave feeling informed and empowered to make a decision that is right for you.


Raleigh Moms Blog was not financially compensated for this post. I proactively reached out to Davis & Pyle Plastic Surgery because I was very interested in trying CoolSculpting and sharing it with our audience.

5 Responses to My Honest Review of CoolSculpting

  1. G February 13, 2017 at 10:35 am #

    Your photos look great!

  2. Jenny Tarrence February 13, 2017 at 11:23 am #

    Jill, your results look amazing! It is so rewarding to see patients experience great results after their procedure. It truly boosts their confidence and ultimately changes the quality of their life. I love my job for this reason! Thank you for baring it all!

  3. Stacy February 14, 2017 at 7:09 am #

    Hi how much is it?

    • Louise February 14, 2017 at 2:45 pm #

      Hi Stacy,

      It ranges a decent amount depending on the area that you want treated. Feel free to call the office or email me at [email protected] for a quote on your areas!

  4. Mary February 14, 2017 at 9:25 am #

    Great result Jill absolutely love this technology, and so happy you gave it a try. Perfect timing to enjoy the benefits of Coolscuplting this summer! Thanks for sharing.

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