Home Care Assist: Providing Support for Raleigh-Area Family Caregivers

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Home Care Assist - Supporting Raleigh-Area Family Caregivers , Raleigh Moms Blog

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You’ve officially wrapped up the holidays. You’ve carefully tucked away those precious family ornaments, making sure they’re taken care of for another year and can return to your next holiday celebration undamaged, shimmering with memories. As we think of those beautifully worn and fragile family holiday heirlooms, it reminds me of how quickly time flies and how fast families are aging. During your holiday celebrations, did you visit with a parent or loved one that has aged a bit more, is having difficulty managing daily activities, or is slowly recovering from an illness? As moms, we are natural caregivers and notice these changes in our loved ones pretty quickly, and at times, that can be challenging to watch. We want to provide support, but how do we juggle properly caring for our aging parent or loved one while still raising a growing family?

Home Care Assist a local Raleigh company, is providing a solution to families who are experiencing this transition. Home Care Assist, is a user-friendly online compatibility matching service for in-home care, and it is lending a hand to local residents who are taking on the role of family caregiver. By cultivating a personalized network of caregivers, Home Care Assist supports moms seeking that extra in-home help that will allow a parent or loved one to age gracefully and comfortably. (Read up on Eight Tips I Learned As A Family Caregiver.

Things You Need to Know About Home Care Assist

Home Care Assist: Providing Support for Raleigh Area Family Caregivers

  • Local Company

    Home Care Assist is a Raleigh-based company that is changing the way families in the Triangle care for aging parents and loved ones. As a company created right here in the heart of Raleigh, they understand the everyday needs family caregivers experience, and they have built a community of vetted qualified private-duty caregivers who offer personalized care to Raleigh-area families.

  • Home Care Assist Wants You In the Driver’s Seat

    Home Care Assist - Supporting Raleigh area Family Caregivers, Raleigh Moms Blog

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    In-home care is personal. That’s why Home Care Assist wants family caregivers in the driver’s seat of a loved one’s care. You are the expert on what your aging parent might need, and Home Care Assist allows family caregivers to control the selection and implementation of the services a loved one or aging parent might require. Home Care Assist’s  focus on personal compatibility allows your family to select in-home help that fits the needs of a loved one and the routine of your family. This process enables a family caregiver to be in control of their loved one’s care in addition to building a trusted care team to meet their family’s needs.

“From personal and professional experience, I know how important compatibility is to a successful care relationship,” said Brian VanHook, CEO of Home Care Assist. “In-home care is an intimate situation. If care recipients and their caregivers have little in common, situations can become awkward, which is the last thing you want to be concerned about when home care is needed.”

  • Affordability & Compatibility

    Home Care Assist’s affordable online compatibility matching service is a first in the in-home care industry. Family caregivers finally have an opportunity to be involved in choosing the type of personalized care that their loved one needs by digitally connecting with qualified and professional in-home caregivers. Home Care Assist understands that finding and paying for in-home care can be difficult. This local company’s mission is to help families find the right care at an affordable price.


As mothers, it can be difficult at times to watch our parents and loved ones age.  But, I’m thankful that Home Care Assist is providing a trusted solution so Raleigh-area families can thoroughly enjoy those precious moments together and continue making memories.

Visit Home Care Assist ( to learn more about how their network of professional, private-duty caregivers can benefit your family.

Are you in the early stages of building a trusted care team to support the needs of an aging parent or loved one? As a family caregiver, what support or service do you anticipate you or your loved one needs the most? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below. 

Home Care Assist: Providing Support for Raleigh Family CaregiversAbout Home Care Assist: 

Home Care Assist is an online compatibility matching network for in-home care, and the company is revolutionizing the way people connect within the home care industry. It is the first online community for in-home care to connect caregivers and careseekers based on personality and skill sets for mutual compatibility. As a trusted, affordable in-home care option, HCA’s user-friendly online platform connects careseekers and private-duty caregivers to offer a personalized alternative to traditional home care agencies. Home Care Assist’s network of qualified caregivers provide care for a variety of in-home needs such as elder care, rehab assistance and new parent support. Home Care Assist is headquartered in Raleigh, N.C. Friend and follow Home Care Assist on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Instagram, or visit for additional information.

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