Failure: ‘Embracing the Suck’ and Moving Forward

Failure: 'Embracing the Suck' and Moving Forward

Have you ever failed at something? Ever worked so hard towards a goal only to fail at completing it? Have you ever wanted to achieve a feat but neglected to do so? Uttered the words, “failure” recently?

Have you FAILED?

I’ve failed.

We chant to ourselves failure is not an option. Failure might not be an option, but it’s a given. During the moments of our failures, we build our truest character.

While sitting in an audience listening to elite athletes and Ninja Warrior’s speak, I was reminded that we all have failed at times in our lives.

We all have to “embrace the suck,” as Alex Weber, American Ninja Warrior, and host of “Crashing the Course” put it.
As he states, it is ok to fail. The only thing that matters is you dust yourself off, and you get back up there.

I’m a mom and ninja warrior-in-training and have learned that nailing an obstacle or winning a race isn’t based on talent. It’s forged from how you react to failure and what you plan to do about it. 

Moms are practicing this every day at home, in the workforce …. in LIFE.

Here are five ninja warrior lessons on how we are ’embracing the suck’ and moving forward.

Ninja Warrior Lessons: Five Keys to ‘Embracing the Suck’ & Moving Forward in Motherhood

Yes, mama, you are a ninja! You’re attacking the obstacles that life brings on, and with every fall you get back up, and you start again.

1. Mobility is for moving fluidly between obstacles.

As mothers, we are constantly on the move re-working our routines, juggling our schedules, hurdling the hiccups in the day. Motherhood is a non-stop course of obstacles.

2. Adaptability for adjusting to challenges.

How many times do we adapt ourselves to a new routine, a new season in our life or just try to create some margin in our day? The many roles that we take on in motherhood is a story of adaptation.

3. Fortitude for the resilience to overcome courses.

Mamas are built on fortitude! This is the muscle we build daily preparing us for the next challenge.

4. Dexterity for using your body and mind cleverly.

Yes, yes, yes! Moms are a force and we are tested to balance it all at home, at work, and with our families. We stretch those muscles (body and mind) and get it done.  

5. Coordination for working that body and mind as a team.

As moms, once our feet hit the floor our body has to be ready, and our minds laser focused because we work hard to be a step ahead of our kids. We’re built to protect and guide our children and must have all our senses and abilities at the ready!


After understanding these lessons hearing the word failure is no longer a weighted word for me …. it is now a motivator. With hard work, adaptability, and persistence I’ll reach my goals.  I’ll fail a lot in the process but, I’ll “embrace the suck” and keep moving on.

How do you ’embrace the suck’ and turn those moments we call failures into a learning experience?





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