5 Ways to Treat Yourself Well During Pregnancy

5 Ways to Treat Yourself Well During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy can be a beautiful time of expectation and great joy. But LBH, it’s also a time of incredible discomfort, fear and uncertainty. Womp womp. But, take heart! Finding ways to reduce your stress and take care of YOU will help you prepare and enjoy the journey.

Here are 5 ways to treat yourself well during pregnancy…

1. Indulge yourself

It can seem like everyone you know is partaking in activities that you aren’t permitted to enjoy while pregnant. Surfing, beer gardens, pants that fit… the FOMO is for real. Treat yourself to something that is safe for you and baby and makes you feel good. Belly up to the bar and order a ”mocktail” like a nojito (a mojito sans alcohol) when out with friends. Enjoy a pedicure, prenatal massage or set yourself up with a luxurious bath or face mask at home. Even a new pair of earrings or lip color can make you feel sparkly again!

2. Get social

Find a “village” of other women who can empathize and support you on your motherhood journey. Other expecting moms are the ones who “get” the aches and pains, the fears, the latest trends in baby monitors and co-sleepers and where to find the prenatal masseuse who has the table with the belly hole. Find these ladies in online forums like Facebook, local support groups and childbirth education and prenatal exercise classes like Prenatal FIT4BABY.

3. Make peace with your body

Try a prenatal yoga or cardio/strength/core class and you’ll find exercises that are safe and effective throughout your pregnancy. Many moms report feeling an increased sense of connectedness with their baby and confidence in their changing bodies as well as the endurance and flexibility to navigate birthing and beyond.

4. Sleep

I’m sure you’ve heard, but a new level of sleep deprivation as you’ve never known it before is coming with the arrival of your sweet baby. Sleep now, while you can! Growing a human takes a lot of energy. Make sure you’re giving your body the restorative sleep it needs to support you and your growing bump.

5. Spend time connecting with your partner

A “Babymoon”, a retreat similar to a honeymoon but with a baby on board, is a fun way to “get away from it all” together to celebrate the family you already are and prepare for the family you are to become. Even if you can’t escape to a tropical island for your babymoon, you can find smaller pockets of intentional time to spend with your partner. Take a walk together. Meet for a lunch date. Maybe even take a day trip to the NC Coast or mountains.

Treating yourself well during pregnancy is a MUST! My team and I look forward to helping pamper you and your bump at Bloom – An Event for New & Expecting Moms on April 27th! Join me for Strength & Stretch sessions and come say “hi!” at our FIT4MOM table!

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Missy Currin, Owner of FIT4MOM Midtown Raleigh


Missy Currin is an RN, mom of 3 and owner of FIT4MOM Midtown Raleigh. Certified in pre and postnatal fitness, she loves educating and supporting expecting and new mothers on their motherhood journey. Find out more about FIT4MOM.

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