Me Time for Mamas :: Hosting a Holiday Girls’ Night In

Me Time for Mamas :: Hosting a Holiday Girls' Night In

Photo Courtesy of Southern Fryed Bliss

When was the last time you had a night in with the girls over the holidays?

I know what you’re probably thinking, “When was the last time I had a night to myself period?” But, a Girls’ Night In could be just the thing this holiday season. I’m talking about the kind that involves comfy clothes, yummy food and good conversation. Sure, we all enjoy a night out where we can get dressed up and meet at one of Raleigh’s amazing restaurants… but sometimes we just want to put the kids to bed and take a much-needed break in the comfort of home.

I’m a big advocate of ‘me time’ for mamas—and daddies too of course—but as women, we sometimes try to do all. the. things. I’ve had the unique opportunity to see work/mom life balance from all angles, including full-time career, part-time work from home, and currently stay at home. Here is what I can tell you: it is ALL hard (but rewarding) work. Some days most of us are just trying to keep our heads above water, and we likely feel guilty at the thought of taking a break for ourselves. I notice when I do take that little snippet of time—whether it be exercise, meeting a friend for coffee, or just spending a few minutes with my Southern Living magazine—I am more energized for my little ones. Anyone else?

During this holiday season, which brings its own set of stressors, how refreshing would it be to drop by a friend’s house for a low-key night where pajamas were required and the only responsibility you had was to enjoy yourself? Count me in for that. Here are some steps to make it happen:

Suggestions for the Hostess

1. Don’t Overcomplicate It

I am sharing a sample menu below along with a few other details to help you put together a thoughtful, budget-friendly and festive night in. Don’t overthink it. You can prep the ingredients in advance or buy it all pre-made from the store—choose the route that works for you!

2. Be the Inviter
Include moms who might need it most… maybe a neighbor, someone from preschool, a colleague. Just extend the invite. We have all been on the receiving end before and know how much it can mean.

It would also be worth asking your guests beforehand if they have any dietary restrictions. It’s better to know and be able to plan accordingly!

The Details : Make-Your-Own Flatbread Bar

A Make-Your-Own Flatbread Bar is a fun and easy way to get everyone talking in the kitchen while also being creative with food. Organize a prepping station everyone can circle around.

Me Time for Mamas :: Hosting a Holiday Girls' Night In

Photo Courtesy of Southern Fryed Bliss

Ingredients: I buy naan bread in bulk at a wholesale store but you can also find in packs at the grocery store.

Place a variety of toppings on a platter—bacon, chicken, sliced zucchini, tomato, corn, onions—and cheese on another one. Buy shredded cheddar and mozzarella or grate it at home if you can (it truly makes a huge difference in taste).

Grab pizza sauce and pesto from the store or make a couple different options at home so it feels like you are “fancying” it up a bit from the same old pizza night with the kids. Suggested combos are chicken taco with black bean mash, veggies with pesto, and BLT with avocado mayo. You can share these ideas with guests if they need some inspiration.

For the black bean mash, drain and rinse one can of beans. Mix with 1-2 tbsp. broth (or water) and mash with fork until smooth. Stir in ¼ tsp each cumin, garlic powder, and salt. For the avocado mayo spread, mash two avocados and mix with1-2 tbsp. mayo, 1 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil, 1 tbsp. lemon juice, and a dash of salt and pepper.

Me Time for Mamas :: Hosting a Holiday Girls' Night In

Photo Courtesy of Southern Fryed Bliss

After guests make their flatbreads, bake two-three at a time (on a pan or directly on the rack) at 400° for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, toss together spinach, strawberries, blueberries, dried cranberries, cucumbers, pecans and balsamic dressing for a simple and pretty side salad.

Me Time for Mamas :: Hosting a Holiday Girls' Night In

Photo Courtesy of Southern Fryed Bliss

Decor: No need to do anything extra here—girls’ night in is about simplifying. If you do want to add a special touch bring out some blankets to create a cozy conversation space, or grab some fresh flowers (around $10) from the store for a seasonal centerpiece.

Activity: Encourage guests to wrap and bring 1-2 of their favorite items ($10-15 total) for a holiday gift exchange. Each person will go home with a gift in addition to new ideas of things to try!

Tis the Season
I hope you will find comfort and joy in the small things this holiday season. May you also gift yourself time in community with like-minded women, to savor food and conversation while delighting in this season of motherhood. It is sure to bring perspective on what a gift it truly is!

Share with us your favorite Moms’ Night In gathering in the comments below.

About Kayte 

Me Time for Mamas :: Hosting a Holiday Girls' Night In

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Kayte moved to the Triangle in 2006 to attend graduate school at NC State, along with her then college sweetheart (now husband of 10 years). She worked in higher education/student affairs for several years—having the opportunity to serve at Duke, UNC-CH and Miami University—and also as a curriculum design consultant for an international women’s organization. In 2016 Kayte decided to shift {work} gears to stay at home with her two young children, while also pursuing some of her creative interests. She is currently preparing to launch her new venture in 2018, which will combine her love of cooking, celebrating and styling. Follow along with her story on Southern Fryed Bliss and on Instagram.



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    Lovely Kayte! Wish I lived in NC :). I really love the suggestion “Be the Inviter”. It’s so important to be that person in the world.

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    Kayte–these are fabulous and easy ideas! Thanks for sharing!

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    Kayte, I loved reading this–what wonderful ideas and examples!!

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