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Today we are going to cover a style sin that drives me crazy – gym shoes with jeans. I’m sure you don’t commit this faux pas, but you probably know someone who does, so please pass this along. Let me start by saying, comfort is one of my TOP 3 priorities in an outfit and if my feet hurt I’m a miserable person. I TOTALLY get the temptation to throw on your worn in comfy gym shoes and run out the door, but this look says “I just don’t care” and I know that isn’t true. I see notice women all the time who put on effort to put on make-up, wear accessories, have on a cute clothes and then throw on a pair of gym shoes. It ruins the whole outfit. I promise to show you some great alternatives, but first let’s talk about what NOT to wear. A picture is worth a thousand words, so I’m just going to show you two side by side pictures of essentially the same outfit. The only real difference is the shoes.

Jeans and Casual Shoes Raleigh Moms Blog

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You can see by changing her shoes, she totally changed her look and amped it up. The outfit on the right is appropriate for multiple occasions. You will also notice she changed her jeans as well to a much more updated style. I’m assuming all you savvy dressers have already ditched your mom jeans but if not, take a look at our post on denim to get some tips on how to pick a new pair of jeans.

So, let’s talk about what to wear with those casual outfits. There are SOO many great options out there. You can always grab a pair of flats and they pair well with skinny jeans. You can also grab a pair of wedges or booties to go with your boyfriend jeans, but some days you really want to be totally casual. For those days, here are a few options:

Casual Shoes Raleigh Moms Blog

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Let’s agree to leave your gym shoes for working out and snag one of these super cute and on trend.



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