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Hi ladies. Ask and you shall receive! Are you loving this warm weather as much as I am? And with the time change, I’ve been in heaven. The kids and I have been outside every day playing for so long, I’ve been struggling to get dinner and baths done before 7:30. I’ve also been struggling to come inside and write a Friday Fashion tip for you. Writing a blog post and then putting it out into the great beyond is a little strange. I want to write as if I’m having a conversation with you, but I really don’t know who YOU are. Is anyone out there, or reading this? If you are, what kind of fashion tips would you like me to write about? I could talk to you for days about things I think are important, but I really want to know, what do you want to hear about? Please take a minute to write a comment and let me hear from you and I’ll write back. Body Image? How to mix patterns? How to shop your closet? Don’t be shy, ask away.

Ok, on for my fashion tip for this week. I want to take a second to talk about your closet. This is something I am really passionate about and probably something I could talk about for a very long time, but I’ll try to keep it short…at least for today.

When you look into your closet you should only find clothes that fit, clothes that you wear and ideally only clothes that you love. Yeah, yeah, I see you rolling your eyes from here, but stick with me for a minute. Most women I know have closets or drawers full of clothes they don’t actually wear which leads to all kinds of negative clutter in your life. When you wake up and get dressed you should not have to hear a negative tape playing in your head about how “if you only lost a few pounds you could fit into those pants” or “well if my boobs weren’t so big that shirt would fit just right” or “how can I have this many clothes and not have anything to wear”. I have several friends that want me to come help them clean out their closets but they are “too embarrassed” for me to see what is in their closet. That’s a problem!

First, I would never judge someone by what is in their closet, but more importantly, you should never feel embarrassed by your clothes. If you do, it is time to get rid of it. I am officially giving you permission, let it go! You don’t need to hold on to those old clothes anymore.

As you transition from your winter clothes to spring, take this opportunity to shed some dead weight in your closet. Get a box and fill it up with all the clothes that don’t fit, you don’t wear, or that are past their prime and donate them. You will feel so liberated. Now you will actually be able to see the clothes that you do like and that fit! Your clothes that don’t fit can’t make you feel bad anymore, because they aren’t welcome in your closet. When I do this, I always feel good because I know it’s going to someone else who can use it. I like to donate my clothes to places that give them away to the less fortunate. Find a local church clothing closet. The Dorcas Shop or With Love From Jesus are two local places that I know give away to the less fortunate. You still might not LOVE everything in your closet, but this is a major step in the right direction. Happy closet cleaning!

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