Wendy’s Kids Meal Event 2018: Event Recap

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We were SUPER excited to join hands with Wendy’s to host our first Wendy’s Kids Meal Event for Raleigh area families. Wendy’s has been a staple in the Triangle area for years and when we heard about their new mix and match Kids Meal options featuring Shamrock Farms milk we couldn’t wait to learn more!

If you’re anything like us you’re family is being pulled back and forth between activities and obligations and you’re looking for an on-the-go meal that is packed with nutritious and yummy options for your precious cargo. Wendy’s Kids Meal provide busy parents and kids with numerous options to mix and match, including fresh drink choices like Shamrock Farms milk – which has 9 essential nutrients and sides like apple bites and the seasonal Strawberry and Blueberry cups. In addition, kids can choose a variety of Kids Meal entrees such as a chicken wrap (available grilled), hamburger, cheeseburger, four-piece chicken nuggets or two-piece chicken tenders. Visit Wendy’s website to learn more about each of these mix and match options!

Catch up on some of the tasty fun during the event!

Fresh Options from Shamrock Farms Milk:

Shamrock Farms milk is taking the guilt out of quick meals for parents with milk beverage options with every Wendy’s Kids Meal. Whether your kiddo enjoys regular or chocolate milk parents can rest easy knowing that each 7-oz bottle is packed with pure and fresh from the farm milk. No high fructose corn syrup, no added hormones and gluten-free…that’s a WIN!

Even for little hands each Shamrock Farms milk comes in an easy-to-grip and go bottle with a tamper-evident seal that locks in the freshness to keep every serving of milk fresh and tasty!

Fun Fact: Shamrock Farms milk is locally sourced from its own family farm and like-minded, cow loving partner farms.

Visit their website to learn more.

Specially Designed Creative Play

What makes Wendy’s Creative Play Kids’ Meal toys stand out from other quick-service restaurants? During the event, we learned that each of these Creative Play Kids’ Meal toys are specially designed and rooted in Wendy’s pillars of creative play: invention, construction, expression and improvisation. All the moms that attended the event said that this was a huge WIN for them and their little ones. This means no more “one-trick” toys – kids can use their imagination over and over again to enjoy simple creative play… and even parents can get in on the fun, too!

Mom-Approved Inside Scoop on Wendy’s Kids Meals

I had the pleasure of taking my 3 youngest daughters to our local Wendy’s, for a chance to learn about and enjoy the new Wendy Kids Meals. Being a mom of triplet one-year-olds, that have vastly different tastes in food, I was more than thrilled to learn that Wendy’s had various meal options to choose from. Not only that, but I was able to mix and match food choices, to cater to their individual taste buds. Seeing the Shamrock Farms milk was also a winner to me, because each 7-oz bottle has 9 essential nutrients, including 7g of high-quality protein – and is fresh from the farm! Usually, our only beverage options are sugary juices and milks with lots of additives. The girls clearly loved the milk just as much as I loved seeing it, because they each drank 2 bottles before we even left the restaurant! I even ended up buying a couple of extra bottles for the car ride home.

The girls also enjoyed the chicken nuggets and chicken strips. Jordyn loves to stuff her face with bigger pieces, so the strips worked great for her. Alex and Kayli prefer smaller pieces, so they ate the nuggets. We took the chicken wrap home to my 10-year-old, who missed the event due to hanging out with daddy (Code for “We’re sneaking to the mall, to shop for last-minute Christmas gifts”). She said it was “absolutely everything.” That’s 10-year-old talk for “It was tasty.”

I also appreciated that there was more than one option for sides, because my 10-year-old loved the apples we brought home to her, however, my 1-year olds are not quite able to eat the apple slices just yet. So, the 1-year olds happily ate fries instead. Thankfully, the amount of fries was perfect. Some places like to skimp on the fries, just because they’re little people! My little bite-size foodies need alllll of their fries, and then some!

Another pleasant surprise in the kid’s meals was the Creative Play toys. The little ones played with their little toys for hours (I need to send a thank you card to whoever invented them. Silence in my house is like seeing a real live unicorn.)

My 10-year-old has been experimenting with different looks and cut outs from the “Create Your Secret Identity” kits, since I brought them home. Even though she wasn’t able to come to the event, I believe this smile says she still feels included in the fun!

To recap the experience, Wendy’s definitely impressed me! It’s great to know I have a quick, delicious, nutritious and affordable option for my entire family. Even while having 4 kids with different likes and dislikes, each one of them were full and excited after their Wendy’s Kids Meal. As often as we’re on the go, I feel confident that Wendy’s Kids Meals will keep my girls more than satisfied, for a quick lunch or dinner. I also count it a plus that the toys are educational and entertaining, not to mention that I will not break my ankles stepping on them in the middle of the night. Thanks, Wendy’s and Shamrock Farms, for thinking about our kids (and us parents…that’s a WIN!).

A special thank you to …

Wendy’s and Shamrock Farms milk for a deliciously fun Saturday afternoon! 

While you’re on-the-go this season of #momlife stop by your neighborhood Wendy’s and treat your family to Wendy’s mix and match Kids Meal and Shamrock Farms milk.
Thank you to all the families who came out to the Wendy’s and RMB Kids Meal Event! Be sure to follow us on social for more mom-approved family fun!

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