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I love a good soiree with friends and family and ’tis the season to celebrate!  From holiday gatherings to a girls’ night in and even to family get-togethers I get giddy thinking about all the conversations that will be had and the memories that will be made. However, trying to decide how to feed a big crew of guests would put a snag in my soiree or slow me down from tackling all the other party details. As of recently, I discovered the new Jason’s Deli Catering for Entertaining menu that is taking the stress out of party planning by bringing their wholesome and healthy options to your table for all to enjoy.  Imagine hosting a holiday party, your child’s birthday party, a Mother or Father’s Day brunch or anything else from your home and the biggest task is taken off your list – what to feed your guests. That’s a win!

Our Raleigh Moms Blog team recently had our Holiday Soiree and we had the opportunity to experience a few of the delicious items off the Catering for Entertaining menu. Jason’s Deli has introduced three new home catering packages, Buon Appetite Package, Modern Meat & Cheese Package, and The Garden Party, plus a much-anticipated Kid’s Party Package.  Here is a sneak peek into what’s in store for your next home party.

Sneak Peek into Jason’s Deli’s Catering for Entertaining Menu

Jason's Deli's Catering for Entertaining

Set up is a breeze with the Jason’s Deli team!


With all the Jason’s Deli Catering for Entertaining packages, the Jason’s Deli team delivers and sets up on time and fast. This type of teamwork allows any hostess to sit back and tackle the other things to do before guests arrive. Did you know that you can even print off your own table tent cards from Jason’s Deli in advance to let your guests know what items you’re serving? Hostess win!









Nutty Mixed Salad  and Italian Pasta Salad

This salad option was hearty and delicious! The Nutty Mixed Salad has a combination of organic field greens, organic apples, grapes, dried cranberries, raisins, pumpkin seeds tossed with a generation amount of feta cheese.  On the side, our RMB team had the option of topping their salad with 100% antibiotic free-range diced chicken and dressing it with a yummy balsamic vinaigrette. The Pasta Salad option was light and flavorful and would pair well with any main dish. 

Meatballs and Marinara

Jason's Deli Catering for Entertaining

Meatballs and Marinara

In my book, it is always nice to have at least one hot- stick to your bones item to serve to guests.  The Meatballs and Marinara on the Jason’s Deli Catering for Entertaining menu hit the spot! No warming required. The Jason’s Deli team brought in the meatballs steaming hot and ready to serve. The meatballs were a generous size and the sauce was very tasty. A perfect hot item to serve alongside the Nutty Mixed Salad. 







The Brownie Duo

Jason's Deli Catering for Entertaining

The Brownie Duo

Brownies are the BEST and when served at a party or gathering it just proves how much you love your guests – in my humble opinion. The Brownie Duo from Jason’s Deli surely brings the love with its fudge-walnut and peanut butter options.   Honestly, you just can’t say no to a brownie and these are delicious!

Beverages & Party Essentials

Each party package also comes with a beverage option (since some of us are Southerners we enjoyed  Sweet Tea and sliced lemon wedges- perfect!) including cups, straws, sugar packets, etc. Along with the beverages, Jason’s Deli also provided a big bucket of ice and two ice scoops. This was a significant win for me since I cringe when my guests have to line up to go to the ice dispenser at my fridge and I’m too rushed to grab a bag of ice at the local grocery store or gas station. Jason’s Deli knows what we as hosts need so they’ve taken care of all of the details even down to the plates, napkins, cups, and utensils.

Jasons’ Deli Catering for Entertaining Kids Party Package

Move over pizza parties and check out the Kids Party Package from Jason’s Deli! Since we’re all Moms here at Raleigh Moms Blog, we always have a few little ones running around.  The healthy options in the Kids Party Package made us happy along with our kiddos. Kids enjoyed an assortment of nitrite-free ham and smoked turkey breast sandwiches served on country white and multigrain wheat breads. (They even trimmed off the edges for those little ones who don’t like the ends!) Organic apple slices and organic baby carrots paired nicely with the menu.  Don’t forget the dip! Jason’s Deli has even provided a fresh-made ranch dressing for dipping.  More veggies in the tummy mean more room for cake and ice cream at any kid party. No guilt! Your young guests can also munch on chips and sip on 100% organic juice boxes all provided by the catering team at Jason’s Deli. 


Jason's Deli Catering for Entertaining - Raleigh Moms Blog

Good food and good company with the Raleigh Moms Blog team.


Our RMB team enjoyed our holiday soiree served with wholesome ingredients, a delicious menu and more time to chat and celebrate without any worry about prep or clean up.

Stop stressing over what to feed your guests for your next gathering or party and let the Jason’s Deli Catering for Entertaining menu take care of your hostess needs.

Invite Jason’s Deli’s Catering for Entertaining to your next party by ordering online, through their mobile app or visit a local store here in the Triangle area.

Locations in Cary, Raleigh, and Durham

Jason’s Deli in Cary 

Jason’s Deli at Brier Creek 

Jason’s Deli at Spring Forest

Jason’s Deli in Durham 

Jason's Deli About Jason’s Deli:

Family owned and community focused, Jason’s Deli has been serving guests at 266 delis in 28 states over the last 40 years. They were one of the first restaurant groups to remove artificial trans fats from their food. Since then, they have eliminated processed MSG, high-fructose corn syrup, dyes, artificial colors* and artificial flavors. Get to know their wholesome ingredients and family-friendly service by visiting a location near you or visit their website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

*Artificial colors refer to those chemically synthesized in labs. We only allow natural colors in our food products. Natural colors are pigments obtained from plants, minerals or other naturally occurring materials. Examples of natural colors include beet juice and caramel.


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