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When I grew up we spent a lot of time outside. One of my favorite things to do was climb trees. I did not live in a neighborhood, but I did live on a street with five other houses. My best friend also lived on my street. There were two houses in between ours, and we spent a lot of time back and forth and playing in the yards in between. Mrs. Lewis had THE BEST climbing tree on the street. It was old, big, and had tons of branches you could climb. I spent a lot of time climbing that tree, pretending I was an explorer, day dreaming and playing hide and seek. At some point I outgrew climbing, but I still distinctly remember that tree as part of my childhood.

Today, I’m sharing this story in an attempt to both secure future childhood memories for my nieces and their friends, along with teaching them an important lesson in civics. We are trying to save a neighborhood tree from being taken down, and we need your help. Let me explain…

My sister and her husband have lived in their neighborhood for over 13 years. It’s a great house on a cul-de-sac where everyone is friends and the kids all play together. When the kids where little, the moms would sit out and drink coffee while the kids played and rode bikes. Today, the kids are older, but they still all play outside in the “culde” (as we like to call it). These kids have grown up together and I’m sure will have many fond memories of all their adventures. One of those memory makers is a giant Bradford Pear tree in my sister’s front yard. The perfect climbing tree, it’s big, has lots of branches and you can climb really high! These are all great things if you are a kid.

Unfortunately, my brother-in-law does not love the tree. It is so big, he can’t get any grass to grow under it, and Bradford Pears are known for splitting in half. If that happens, it will land on his neighbor’s car. Also not good. So, he wants to cut the tree down, and the kids in the neighborhood are NOT happy about it.Help Us Save A Tree Raleigh Moms Blog

As a matter of fact, they have gotten together and started a peaceful protest to keep the tree. I was discussing this with my son, who is six, on the way home from their house the other day and he said, “I know what will happen, Uncle CC is going to cut the tree down.” I asked him if he believed in the power of the peaceful protest. He thought for a minute and responded with “yes, we need a sign!” I love this kid. So, I wanted to do my part to help the kids voice be heard and what better venue than here, with all you moms who can share in our rally cry to “Save the tree!”

Help Us Save A Tree Raleigh Moms BlogThere are around 20 kids in the neighborhood and families that are working together. So far, they have written letters of protest to appeal to Mr. Craig to change his mind. They have made signs, drawn pictures to memorialize the tree, and they have agreed to a hug-in if he moves forward. They have also started a petition. So far their petition has over 20 signatures. Because they are kids, this petition was started on a shoe box lid, but I have also started an online petition to reach more people. This is where you come in. You can join the cause to Save the Tree by signing the petition here.

I do want to be sure to state, that my brother-in-law is an awesome guy (who I love dearly). He loves all the kids in the neighborhood and does care about their feelings.  He also has valid reasons for wanting to take down the tree. Like most protests, both sides can make convincing arguments. I have no idea if this will change my brother-in-law’s mind, but I know he will love the civics lesson and the kid’s passion for fighting for what they care about.

Help Us Save A Tree Raleigh Moms Blog

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