100 Non-Candy Easter Treats

Maybe a bit belated for North Carolina, but it finally seems that Spring has sprung!  It’s amazing how weather can affect a family mood. I’m sure, come August, we’ll be complaining about the incessant heat, but for now I’m ready to really enjoy everything that comes with the new season… including Easter.

For me, the Easter holiday marks the return to parks, outdoor play, grilling out, sunlight, longer days, gardening, farmers markets, leaves on the trees, birds at the feeder and flowers in bloom. All things growing in happiness.

Non Candy Easter Basket Raleigh Moms BlogI have really fond memories growing up of family Easter egg hunts and traditions. One year, my family and I were on vacation and watched the Easter Bunny parachute out of the sky onto a lawn full of eggs. Another, we were with cousins and everyone got a turn whacking a candy-filled Bunny piñata.

It’s hard to imagine Easter without all the mouth-watering chocolate, but lately we’ve have plenty of opportunities for desserts between winter holidays, Valentine’s candies and birthday parties! My oldest had definitely inherited my sweet tooth and so, in preparation of the holiday, I made a list of sweet treats that won’t send you straight to the dentist. Some ideas are small enough for eggs; others are perfect for a basket. Comment below with your ideas and feel free to share with your mom friends!

For Small and Larger Sized Eggs

1. Small cars and trucks (Tip: Use Search Term “Lot of Hot Wheels” on EBay if seeking 10+ cars)  
2. Rubber stamps
3. Movie tickets
4. Bubbles
5. Stickers
6. USPS Stamps
7. Coins
8. Dollar bills
9. Seed packets
10. Bouncy balls
11. Soaps
12. Nail polish
13. Chalk
14. Chapstick
15. Crayons
16. Bandaids
17. Puzzle (Tip: Hide the pieces in the eggs; Color coordinate eggs if separating more than one puzzle for multiple children)
18. Travel sunscreen
19. Plastic or rubber animals/dinosaurs
20. Create Family Movie Night coupons the kids can redeem
21. Do a quick internet search “Jokes for Kids” to hide fun jokes in the eggs
22. Fro yo gift card
23. Rainbow loom accessories
24. Socks
25. Helium balloons (to be inflated later)
26. Legos
27. Wooden trains
28. Doll clothes
29. Costume/princess jewelry
30. Swim Goggles
31. NC Zoo tickets
32. Amtrak tickets (Tip: Roundtrip Raleigh-Durham is approx 20 minutes and my little boy LOVED riding a real train.)
33. Decorative door knobs and dresser pulls
34. Museum passes (Tip: Create your own to redeem for good behavior!)
35. Children’s watch
36. Key chains
37. Love letters (Tip: For many, Easter symbolizes birth and re-birth. Write your child a note describing their birth and its impact on your family.)
38. Finger puppets
39. Sweaty Bands Sparkle Running Headbands
40. Sewing kit
41. Fake Tattoos
42. Felt Food
43. Handmade coupon for tablet or TV time
44. Bicycle bell
45. Shoe laces
46. Titanium Athletic Sport Bracelet*
47. Snack pouch*
48. Hair clips, bows, pony-tail holders*
(Tip: *Find Items 46-48 and 62 at The Glittery Frog Children’s Boutique located at 515 Broad Street, Fuquay-Varina)

Have very little ones in your egg hunt? Set aside one color egg for baby/toddler safe items like:

49. Goldfish
50. Cheerios
51. Animal Crackers

For Easter Baskets

52. Sand toys
53. A pretend fairy / princess wand
54. DVDs (Tip: Find great gently used and new DVDs on Ebay)
55. Books, board books
56. Stationary
57. Deck of cards; card game i.e. UNO
58. Toothbrush
59. Sunhat
60. Sun glasses
61. Monogrammed bloomers (Tip: You can find these and item #100 at Swagger Boutique located at 2425 Kildaire Farm Road in Cary)
62. Children’s cooking apron*
63. Gardening gloves
64. Gardening tools
65. Frisbee
66. Slinkies®
67.Coloring books
68. Watercolor paints
69. Mad Libs
70. Pool toys
71. Sippy cup or water bottle
72. Travel board game
73. Colorful nail file
74. Toddler shoes or booties
75. Baby doll
76. Beautiful wall hooks to hang blankets, costumes, jackets
77. Wall decals
78. Stuffed animals
79. Personalized library tote bag
80. Play costume, mask or cape (Tip: Check out NC-Based Julie Marie Kids)
81. Postcards
82. Pens, markers, glitter paint pens
83. Bike streamers
84. Pin wheel
85. Disposable camera
86. Craft ribbon and yarn for art projects
87. Blank wooden frames to decorate
88. Jump rope
89. Velcro ball/mitt toss game
90. Golf or Tennis balls
91. Diary or Journal (No peeking Mom!)
92. Charms for a charm bracelet (ie. Pandora or Alex and Ani)
93. Nightlight
94. Personalized pillow cover or sham

Have teenagers in your home? Try these ideas:

Non Candy Easter Raleigh Moms Blog

95. Gas card
96. Gift certificate for oil change (Jiffy Lube sells ‘em!)
97. Car Wash gift cards
98. Tween Yoga
99. Manicure gift card

And #100… Monogrammed necklace


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