Simple Fall Decorating Projects You Can Do Yourself

For some reason, fall feels like our family’s busiest time of year. I don’t know if it is because we are trying to get back into the groove of school schedules, and haven’t quite figured it out yet. Or perhaps it’s the fact that we have to work and go to school, but we still are clinging on to the desire to travel like we did during the summer, so we find ourselves running ragged. Whatever it is has left our house with 4th of July decor still blessing our house on October 1st!

In an effort to span the time between Independence Day and Christmas, I needed something quick, easy, and inexpensive to spruce up our home, so I of course turned to Pinterest.

Project 1: Fall Wreath

My first project was this lovely fall wreath, which was made by the author’s daughter in 15 minutes. Surely, I should be able to handle that.


  1. 14″ grapevine wreath. 
  2. 8 orange berry stems.
  3. Ribbon for a decorative bow.

Easy, right? Well, I couldn’t find 8 orange berry stems that looked quite like those pictured. The ones I found were on clearance and had much shorter stems and were in large clusters, therefore I would not be able to just stick the stems in and wrap them around like suggested. Therefore, I had to improvise by adding another supply:

       4. Hot glue.

I began by de-clustering my orange berry stems. 


I then worked my way around the grapevine wreath with the hot glue gun and the stems until I had covered all but the very top strip (where I was going to tie a burlap ribbon). 


Once I was convinced I had enough stem pieces, I went back around and filled in any gaps/sparse areas. I finished it off with a green burlap bow at the top. (Shown here in the process of being attached… my 11 year old photographer is still learning her job).


Final result, perhaps not as fancy looking as the one on Pinterest, but I think it still looks Autumnal (and a lot less like Independence Day):


This project was SUPER easy!! I probably took more like 30 minutes on account of the hot glue, but this is definitely one that you could do with the kids if you got the right “orange berry stems” instead of the clearance berry clusters!

Project 2: Fall Mantle Swag

Seriously, decorating is not my forte. One year I tried to put out some of the cute mini-gourds like those seen from this Pinterest post. Yeah, one rotted and pretty much ruined the table it was on. Maybe it’s because I decorate for one holiday and leavc the stuff up for months on end??

I do know that I love having something on my mantle. When Christmas ends and my mantle decorations come down, it just feels so naked. So, I have come up with small, easy swags for Easter, Fourth of July, and now Fall, too. 

I don’t have a fancy mantle, and I can’t handle pulling one together, so this is for you simple decorators out there…


  1. Wired ribbon (fall color)
  2. Bag of Pine cones
  3. Hot glue

I began by tying a knot about 8″ from the end of the ribbon. I have no idea why. I just wanted a knot for the look of it.


Every six inches or so, I hot glued a pine cone onto the ribbon. For my mantle, I did 10 pine cones. 


I made sure my ribbon was long enough that I would be able to “drape” the swag from the mantle. I tied a knot at the other end of the ribbon and allowed for about 8″ of ribbon after the knot.


I put the leftover pine cones in a bowl. The ones I purchased smell like cinnamon and make another easy fall decoration! This project is very quick (maybe 10 minutes) and would be good for older kids (due to the hot glue).

Halloween and the winter holidays practically decorate themselves, but the general “fall” season is a struggle for me. I’d love to hear what our readers do to bring autumn into their homes! 


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