My Favorite Pinterest Projects

I distinctly remember when I was introduced to Pinterest. It was several years ago when a co-worker began telling me about this website she had become obsessed with. She warned me not to even get started. I probably should have heeded her advice.

Today, Pinterest has just become part of my everyday life. I don’t spend hours on end looking at it, but it’s pretty much my go to source for recipes, DIY ideas and solutions to “how to” questions like ‘how to get chocolate out of a dress.’ (Today’s search after my son shared his granola bar with my new dress.) While I do consider myself crafty, Martha Stewart I am not! Plus, I have two “little helpers” at home, so I try and stick with easy projects that can be completed quickly. The three projects below are some of my favorite Pinterest projects.


My Laundry Room Solution

Favorite Pinterest Projects Raleigh Moms BlogWith six people in our house, there is A LOT of laundry at all times. Before this project, we had one of those PVC pipe hampers that had 3 mesh bags for sorting. It was constantly driving me crazy because it was falling apart and the bags were constantly slipping off. Based off a Pinterest inspiration my husband made me this wooden box with wooden supports for the clothes baskets. Depending on your space you could make this to fit just about any dimension. Plus, I love the storage space on top. If you want to make this, I do suggest getting your laundry baskets first and then basing your dimensions off that. We may or may not have done it in reverse. We made this about five years ago and I still love it.



Lego Table

Favorite Pinterest Projects Raleigh Moms BlogIf you have boys older than five, you probably have a ton of Lego bricks in your house. Sometimes I feel like we could build a life size house out of all the pieces we have. My boys love to get Lego sets, they love to build them, and then within three days, their sets are destroyed and there are Lego pieces everywhere. This isn’t a bad thing, they love to be creative and build different things, but it just makes for Legos everywhere. Enter my faithful friend Pinterest. I began searching for Lego storage solutions and came upon this awesome idea!
Again, this was a very easy project. I got two plastic containers with drawers, a piece of wood from Lowes, which I had them cut and then three Lego mats from Toys-R-Us. I taped around the edge of the wood to remove the rough edges and then glued the Lego mats to the board and placed it across the plastic containers.

I love this because all the Legos are contained in one area and it gives them a space to build and be creative. Plus my kids LOVED it and it gave me some awesome mom points!

Bathroom Organizer
Favorite Pinterest Projects Raleigh Moms BlogAs soon as I saw this one, I knew I wanted to make it. It was just cute and I was hoping to clear off my counter in the bathroom. My husband was already staining our front door so I had him cut and stain the board for me, but I could have easily done this myself. I bought wide mouth jars from Wal-Mart, took them to Lowes to find the pipe fittings that fit them, and then screwed them into the wood. This project took me a couple of weeks to finish only because I didn’t have all the supplies when I started and I got distracted while waiting for the wood to dry. I probably only have about 2 hours in the whole project which includes going to the store to buy the supplies.

I’ve seen things similar to this in the stores for about $20-$30, but you can make it for under $5.

I don’t know what my next craft will be, but I’m sure something will inspire me soon. Hopefully this will inspire you to try some of those pinned projects on your list.

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