DIY No Sew Baby Bibs

DIY Baby Bib Craft No Sew
I’ve been incredibly lucky with our first child. My husband and I are the last of his siblings to start our family, so we’ve been blessed with enough baby clothes that we haven’t had to buy a single onesie. A pretty sweet deal, I know. So the only “clothing” items we really needed to stock up on were cloth diapers, swaddles, and bibs.

Ever the lover of DIY crafts, I was determined to make something for our baby myself. Cloth diapers were out of the question, so bibs it was. Of course, while I love to DIY, sadly I am not the best sewer. So I knew I also wanted to find a no sew version to make this project quick and easy. This project is inspired by Mostaza Seed’s tutorial, however I substituted a Velcro closure for her snap closure. I had a really hard time attaching my snaps and found that iron on Velcro made the process frustration free.


  • Large freshly washed jersey t-shirt
  • Tape measure
  • Chalk or fabric marker
  • Fabric scissors
  • Iron on Velcro, usually comes in a long strip


  1. Spread the t-shirt out on a flat surface, smoothing out any folds or wrinkles.
  2. Starting from the bottom of the shirt, measure and cut a 10 to 11 inch square. You only want to cut through one layer of the shirt. By starting at the bottom, you should be able to get four bibs out of each t-shirt, depending on how big it is. You may need to adjust the size of the square depending on your baby’s age and size. My kiddo is a young’un so 10 inches was perfect for me.
  3. Next fold your square diagonally into a triangle. My squares weren’t totally perfect; so if you’re anything like me, you may need to do a little trimming to even out the sides.
  4. Cut about a half inch piece of Velcro, separating the hook side from the loop side.
  5. Heat up your iron and affix on the ends of the bib according to the instructions.
  6. Pat yourself on the back. You’re done!


DIY Baby Bib No Sew Craft

It’s an easy enough project that I whipped out a nice stack in two hours. The best thing about this DIY, is that you can pick fun colors and patterns. I used a Tarheels shirt to make some pretty Carolina blue bibs. Got to rep the Triangle region, right? Of course my husband, a Duke fan, was not too pleased, so a set of Duke bibs will be added to the collection. A friendly bib rivalry.

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