DIY Gift Card Bouquet

DIY Gift Card Bouquet

I love the idea of a well thought out, hand-picked gift. Gifts like that are kind and thoughtful. There’s nothing like getting a gift you love and realizing that the gift giver really knows you and gets you. But who doesn’t love a gift card? Free money to pick out anything you like! I used to loathe buying gift cards as presents, but the older I get, the more I realize how practical gift cards can be, especially in a situation where you don’t know what to get the person you need to buy a gift for. It’s so much easier and less stressful to let them choose their own gift with a gift card. 

As a former teacher, I’ve had my fair share of coffee mugs, lotions and candles given to me as gifts. I loved every single one of them! Especially the ones that were accompanied with a hand written note or a drawing from a student. But there comes a time when you can have too many mugs, too many candles, and too many lotions. So when it came time to figure out end of the year gifts for my son’s preschool teachers this year, I wanted to do something that was useful and something they can enjoy. We all know teachers spend a ton of their own money on their classroom and so what better way to spoil my son’s teachers than with a gift card bouquet! With the help of my son’s classmates, we put together this adorable bouquet full of gift cards to local businesses. 

This was an easy craft to put together and was loved by both of his teachers! This doesn’t have to be just a teacher’s gift. It would be a great birthday present, house warming gift, retirement, and more! Any occasion would work! 

What you’ll need:
Container (flower pot, bucket, etc.)
Flowers -I used pre-cut foam flowers from Michaels, but paper cut-outs would work too
Craft sticks
Small clothes pins
Foam block
Glue Gun
Gift Cards

DIY Gift Bouquet Supplies

Glue a craft stick to the back of each flower to create a stem. On the other side of the flower, glue a clothes pin to the base of flower. This will hold your gift card.

DIY Gift Card Bouquet

Arrange each flower in a bouquet pattern by poking each stem into the craft foam.

DIY Gift Card Bouquet

Place the foam into the bottom of your container. Add Easter grass, tissue, or shredded paper to create a filler. 

Attach a gift card to each flower using the clothespin. I tried to attach them with double sided tape, but the gift cards were too heavy and fell off. 

DIY Gift Card Bouquet

Ta-da! You’re ready to give a gift they’ll love! 

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