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Laps. Lots and lots of laps.

The last few months, I’ve spent insurmountable hours building a business from the ground up with some pretty incredible people. We were relentless with details and all but set up a camp site on premise. Long hours lead to less workouts throughout the week. I stuck with 2x a week weight lifting to maintain my strength and kept my food on point. My cardio though? Yeah, that’s where complaining about the laps comes in.

Finally creating my new schedule allotting time to “get ‘er done” at the Facility has made me jump with joy. And jump I have been. In the form of squats, lunges, burpees and over walls. One week into a new workout routine and my lack of cardio in the last two months is rearing its ugly head.

What else is rearing its ugly head? The two crazy cats I work out with. Yup, they are ugly. Unbelievably Gigantic Lean Youngsters. UGLY. Two Lead Techs at our place are OCR maniacs who I met years ago when I was prepping for my first ever Spartan. What was I thinking training with them in my “welcome back to cardio” week?

I was thinking that I needed them. I will always choose to train with them for their knowledge of fitness, their ability to motivate and their drive. Well, that and they are funny. Sometimes.

I was doing my 1000000000000000th lap and a business at the end of our strip was doing some work outside. A Forklift driver took a moment to yell out to me, “Hurry up and catch up!”

My response: “I’m not racing them!”

I most certainly wasn’t.

These UGLY Techs of mine are not my competition. They are awesome. But so am I. I am at a different level and stage in my training than them. Not to mention, I’m a tad older. OK a lot more than a tad. But what’s great, is I never feel anything different. I get support, motivation and thrive off their drive. When I train, I train for ME. No one else.

All too often we compete with those around us. We compare our beginning to someone else’s middle. It’s a recipe for disaster. It took me time, but I have learned to trust my training and to trust the place I am at. Train for your present. I once was faster. And I will be again. But my current status of cardio is “seriously, another lap”? And that’s OK.

When you set out to train and your current lack of ability is rearing its ugly head, remember to train for YOU and no one else. No matter how UGLY your comrades are. 

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