There Really Are No Excuses

We just got home from a fabulous family getaway with my parents and sister. Resort living at its finest. What a vacation! Pool! Beach! Concierge! Fitness! Wait, what did I just say? Fitness while on vacation? Hold the phone. Put down that coffee. Yes, I said fitness and vacation in the same breathe. It’s OK, you can un-invite me on your next excursion but I really think you should reconsider. Trust me.

We stayed at one of the Marriott resorts on Hilton Head Island and boy were we spoiled. Activities galore! My family and I were thrilled with how many activities were planned that revolved around fitness! After checking the itinerary for the day, we saw a 5K was planned for the following morning. No brainer! What a way to start the day…because of course, we always remember our sneakers.

Sneakers. Are. A. Must. Packing in our family always includes workout gear. No matter where we go or for how long. We take a vacation from life, not from fitness. When we took our recent Epic Family Adventure around the world, we made sure to pack what was needed to get in our workouts. And hey, we are very strategic packers. We took two bags to go around the world for four people for three and a half weeks! Oh yeah, be impressed!

There Really Are No Excuses Raleigh Moms Blog

Ever head to a gym in a foreign country? Exploring someplace new can add such flare to your trip and even hand you some great tips and tricks to bring back to your home gym. We got trained by a boxing professional in Angono Rizal, Philippines that somehow thought when we said kickboxing, we meant slipping on gloves and jumping in the ring. OK, so some things do get lost in translation. But, come on, trained by a boxer in the Philippines? Who can say that? Us!

But what if there is no gym or box? Now what’s that line from that song I like…”Excuses don’t live here anymore. Excuses weren’t invited to this party…”. Oh right, that motivational CD I blare when I run. But listen to it…stop with the excuses. I have run on the beach, ran through some moves in my hotel room or used a neighborhood playground. A workout can take place anywhere.

I get daily texts from friends asking for workouts. When my friends travel, they do the same and ask for different workouts for different scenarios. Can I get a workout I can do on the beach? Have any for the hotel gym? I have a hallway and a stairwell, any suggestions? I’m on it!

Lifestyle changes mean changing your mindset. If you head out to a new destination, your schedule and plan just simply includes a workout. If you plan your day at home for it, you can plan it while away. I pay attention to my trainers and take some notes when I am in class of what moves and combinations I can repeat while away. I write it down or record it in my phone. My parents and I panted our way through a kickboxing routine I had in my sketch book in the early morning hours on the beach. We walked away physically rejuvenated and ready to relax. At a local playground, we did some pull-ups on the side of the slide and did a burpee challenge with the kids. We even did laps of lunge walks, bear crawls and jump squats around the gated perimeter earning odd looks from those passing by. It’s ok, we flashed our Spartan Finisher shirts and those odd looks turned to awe and admiration. Orl, maybe sympathy as they thought we were delusional…regardless, our workout was done!

Traveling is a true blessing and I pinch myself that we have these opportunities as a family. But I am also pinching myself that I reached some massive fitness goals. So, why ruin either blessing? Take the trip and plan the workouts. Your health doesn’t need a vacation. It needs continued care and attention. And with such simple and manageable solutions, there really are no excuses.

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