The Deductible Ninja

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The Deductible Ninja - Raleigh Moms BlogOur RMB contributor, Kim Sauinsin,  maneuvers through life as a mom but also through life as a real-life obstacle course Ninja and fitness trainer.  Read her testimony of how she leapt into the world of OCR (Obstacle Course Readiness)  surrounded by other Ninjas like herself.

The Deductible Ninja.

There’s the Alaskan Ninja. And Captain NBC. There’s also the Kingdom Ninja, Dentist Ninja, and the Island Ninja. Such catchy names! And all so fitting. Just like my title. The Deductible Ninja. Yup. That’s me.

The sport of Ninja is intense, fierce and challenging at a very high fitness level. It channels strength, agility, grip, balance…and trust. A trust I don’t quite understand my resistance to or when it began. But I don’t have it.

There are obstacles on the course that require swinging from bar to bar with a 6’ or 8’ gap. So you must trust your hands to grasp the bar in a solid fashion. There are obstacles with transitioning from a .75” ledge to a .5” one. How about the ones as you teeter on a totter? Not to mention run up a steep 16’ wall.

These obstacles are cringe worthy, escalating your nerves higher and higher. They reach a boiling point where I review my insurance deductible and that’s when I bail. Yup. My insurance deductible. On the fly, I calculate the cost of the doctor visit to review my injury, then the surgery and post op. The glamorous world of American Ninja Warrior just got stale.

I don’t quite know when this adversity to thrill came about. As a kid, I competed as an artistic skater. I sped on 4 wheels over hardwood floors and leaped into the air twisting for rotation after rotation. I clearly had no issue! So when did it happen? Why can’t I just train and trust?

It was pointed out to me that when I had kids I lost my sense for seeking a thrill. Was that it? I mean, I was the mom that passed a park and said, “No kids, we go there on Thursdays and today is Tuesday”. My spontaneity pummeled as a parent. And years ago at Disney, Tim steered us into line for a coaster and I feigned an ice cream craving and avoided eye contact. Bearing children has sent my motion sickness into overdrive and the hair on my neck rises up in disproval. Oy, I’m sounding void of fun.

OK, to redeem my cool card, I do run OCRs. I tackle cargo nets, hoist sandbags and climb ropes. There is still some fabulous left! It’s the trust of letting go I lost and those leaps I dare not leap. I hesitate. I calculate. I deduct.

Meeting all the insanely awesome Ninjas recently has sent me on a high I don’t want to come down from. I’m bursting at the seams. Their athleticism is simply unmatched. It’s magnificent to witness their runs through the course. I tore through class today focusing on being better than yesterday and killing my workout to feel that burn hoping it was even near theirs. But I didn’t stay later tonight to Ninja it up. I thought about it. But just didn’t know if I had it in me to “let go”.

But I just saw all those guys do it.

They don’t hesitate. They don’t calculate. They don’t deduct.

Wait. You know, I never did ask them if they even have insurance. No insurance, no deductible. OK, perhaps that’s the key?


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