Know Your Why

Do you know your why?

My why are my boys. It is my responsibility to show them how to be the best of themselves they can be.

So I try. I try so darn hard.

I love when my boys flex their muscles and show me how strong they are. We get in fits of giggles as we compare biceps. But, I’m not gonna lie, they are big! My oldest can even do a pull-up! And climb over a 6’ wall! And my youngest can jump up on a tractor tire! Oh man, the strength they’ve gained!

And they’ve done it while having fun. Crazy, super, out-of-the-box fun. A few weekends ago, our entire family earned medals at Ft. Bragg in the Spartan Sprint. My boys became Spartans! To see them put their training to the test and succeed was a moment of pure pride.

I’ve always thought it would be great to have a place where our kids could gain strength, agility and endurance. I want them to have somewhere they can grow their confidence, earn problem solving skills and build friendships. 

“She dreamed she could, so she did”.

In early 2017, our family will be opening an elite OCR training facility! OMG, I just admitted it to the world! YES! This is happening. And I couldn’t be happier. Or more scared.

So I remind myself of my “why”. When my boys told me they wanted to run a Spartan, I shed those proud Mom tears. I love that they are into what Mom and Dad do. I love that as a family we watch American Ninja Warrior every Wednesday night. I love that for family fun one Saturday, we headed to a Ninja course and met real life Ninjas. My boys regularly speak of the athletes they look up to. And those names are Jessie Graff, Daniel Gil and Grant McCartney.

Know Your Why Raleigh Moms Blog

They recognize that athleticism has many faces. It’s OK if they choose to be different. It’s OK if they want to be an athlete but choose something other than baseball or soccer. I had a chat with Reko Rivera, you know the T-Rex Ninja…wait, you know who I mean right? Yeah, we were just chatting at the Ninja event. Because we are now BFF’s. OK, exaggeration. And I digress. But, we really were chatting! I totally fan-girled. We discussed what being an athlete means. The idea that kids don’t always fit the molds of team sports isn’t new and all of this attention on Spartan and Ninja Warrior has created an outlet for those kids who used to be perceived as having “un-athletic” builds. Yes, Reko Rivera categorized himself as “un-athletic”. I think our point was proven when you witness that Ninja defy gravity with superior skill and talent.

And my other BFF Michele Warnky, (seriously our day was INSANE), chatted with my friend and her girls about women in fitness. She said three simple words. “Just do it.” But man, aren’t they powerful? She said for the longest time women didn’t compete because they didn’t think they could. Then they stopped doubting and started trying and just…DO IT. What a time we are in when we can witness women getting to the finals of Ninja Warrior! It’s exhilarating!

So my boys choose OCR. And they are my why.




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