Challenge Accepted

I never back down from a challenge.

It’s not a problem I have. It’s a gift. That’s right, I’m calling it a gift.

When people hear that I don’t back down, their immediate reaction is that I am competitive. Which, partly is true. However, looking back, recent challenges have 100% changed my life far better than I could have ever imagined.

Remember that Trifecta I earned just a few hops back at the end of 2016? It all started with a challenge. A Marine’s challenge actually. When friends asked me how I got into Spartan racing, I tell them “A Marine challenged me.”, and they usually laugh. But really, she did! And you don’t say no to a Marine. So, I told her OK and you know the rest. And my life is forever changed by that challenge! I went on to earn the coveted Trifecta title! But that also changed my life even more. It was diving full speed into training that peaked my interest to become a personal trainer. That in turn peaked my interest into how I could turn that certification into a business using my passion for racing. And, well, Warrior Tech OCR was born! You know, that new business I am starting.

Somehow in the last two years I have lost 30 pounds and kept it off. It all started with a challenge. A group of us did what is known as the Whole30 Challenge. Grueling and intense, but eye-opening and life changing! Whole30 is when you remove all the unhealthy, hormone-filled, bloat-inducing food groups from your diet for 30 days. Certain food groups can have a negative effect on your health and fitness without you even realizing it. By stripping these completely from your diet, you will most certainly notice changes. I did. It was truly mind blowing. Today, I have still removed most of them! It’s easier than you think.

I use the resources around me to keep on track. We cut out processed foods. Yes. Gone. And we make all of our meals using recipes and ideas from those much smarter and more creative than us! We search Pinterest and follow groups and individuals on Instagram and blogs that adopted this lifestyle or created it. There is an abundance of information out there and we tap into all of them. Our meals have been delicious, easy and fun. Really! All because I didn’t back down from a challenge.

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Most recently, I agreed to a run challenge. Oh running. How I loathe you. I envy those that can pick up and start sprinting down the street for hours and hours. I am not a street runner and you will never see me signing up for a ½ or full marathon. Yeah. No. Not me. However, give me a trail and I’ll run like the wind. I run Umstead Park almost weekly. When my mind is occupied on the roots and vines, boulders and rocks at my feet and shins, I am engaged. A paved path is not for me.

But when I say I run it weekly, I mean just that. I only run it once a week. The other running I do is in a race when the finish line is in front of me and a medal awaits me. However, as a fitness trainer and goal setter, I recently claimed a resolution to add running to my routine. And wouldn’t you know, a challenge popped up in my Instagram feed. Fitting.

The challenge is to run a 5k every day for 10 days ultimately completing 50k at its completion. OK, how cool is that? Did I back down? No! Running I will go!

And running I have. I have run my 5k for three days now and vow not to stop. You know the kicker? The first two days of the challenge I was forced away from a trail. GASP! Yup, I had to take to the pavement and a treadmill. My life was over.

But really, was it? It’s a challenge and I accepted it so I did it. Just like the above challenges, this will change me and make me stronger, more fit and 100% better at life in some capacity. So, I am doing it and smiling all the way. Because in the end I know, challenges don’t just make me competitive.

They are a gift.

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