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“Just got laid off”Just got laid off Raleigh Moms Blog

That’s what he sent. Those 4 words. Mind you, he was just upstairs in his home office, while I was downstairs in mine. The boys were in the living room playing. All four of us were home at the exact moment our lives changed drastically.

I’ve never experienced a lay off before. Me nor Tim. We weathered quite the storm when we were first together though. This same company that just gave Tim the ax was where we first met 15 years ago when it was a mere startup. Tim watched as hoards of new employees came aboard since he was one of the company’s first few designers. He was there when desks were folding tables, kitchens were conference rooms and weekends were not time away from the office yet spent burning the midnight oil to launch. Devoted and loyal.

Until the end.

I have felt every emotion there is with this layoff. The day it happened I was hosting our Boot Camp in our garage. I grabbed my water, headed outside and greeted my friends with a “hey guys, so Tim just got laid off”. Then I sweat it all out.

That weekend we were set to head to SC to compete in the 3rd installment of our 3-race series earning us the coveted title of Trifecta. We worked the entire year for this final race. My emotions were fierce and focused. I couldn’t run fast enough, pull hard enough or climb high enough. I battled the race with every fiber of my being using the anger, fear and sadness of the events as fuel. It worked. It was our best race yet.

We returned home and welcomed our 13th wedding anniversary with the official start of him having no job and applications to unemployment. Again, I was hosting our Boot Camp in the garage. I grabbed my water, headed outside and greeted my friends with a “hey guys, so Tim is applying for unemployment”. Then I sweat it all out.

Clearly, there is a theme with me. I sweat a lot. Well, yes, but what I mean is I take it out on the workout. I am not a big crier and I am not a big feelings person. I am always happy and tell everyone it’s all good. Mainly because it IS good. My husband’s favorite quote to say is, “There should never be starving artists. If you are an artist, you are creative enough to figure out how to make it work”. He went to art school and regularly told his apprehensive parents this. So now he is telling his apprehensive wife this.

And we are. We are on the horizon of a huge new business venture. I wanted a safety net so bad. SO bad. But if we want to put 100% of our heart and soul into this new venture, we need to have 100% to give. I guess the Universe was trying to tell us something. I am listening.

And working. We are working our tails off in and out of the gym. Sweat is everywhere folks! Yes, Tim got laid off, but we have a plan. No one wants to hear those 4 scary words. I didn’t. But it happened. So, we are facing it head on.

With a lot of sweat.

Devoted and loyal.

This time, though, there is no end. ;0)

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