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Answers to Seven Common Questions about the Adoption Tax Credit

When I began my adoption journey, and finally decided on domestic agency adoption over international or other types, I was overwhelmed with how I would pay for it. I believed that adoption was for the privileged. Wealthy people even. Those with connections, perhaps. I was dead wrong. The reality is if I wanted to build […]

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National Single Parent Day - Honoring the Parenting Journey

National Single Parent Day – Honoring the Parenting Journey

The job of parenting is never an easy one, but for single parents, the parenting journey can be a particularly rough road. Single parents do the job of two—juggling child-rearing, work, maintaining a household—all while shouldering alone the stress (and joy) of parenting. This leaves a single parent with little time for personal pursuits, leisure […]

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Mommy, You're Peach, and I’m Brown: Creating Open Conversations about Adoption

Mommy, You’re Peach, and I’m Brown: Creating Open Conversations about Adoption

“Mommy, you’re peach, and I’m brown,” she said. “I know honey, is that ok?” I asked. Without hesitation and a smirk running toward the toy box, “Of course mommy, don’t ya know.” In 2012, I adopted my daughter as an infant. I suppose you could say my biological clock didn’t strike midnight until around the […]

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A Raleigh Mom’s Guide to Simple, Tasteful Fall Decor

The time for scarves, sweaters, and pumpkin spice lattes has arrived! (Though, let’s be honest … it’s just now starting to feeling like fall outside…) While the changing seasons bring fun local activities with our families, I can’t help but wonder how our homes transform during this time. Raleigh Moms – have you struggled with […]

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Mom - Plastic Surgery Tannan Post 600x400

Unhappy with your body? Learn the Truths & Myths about Plastic Surgery for Moms

This post is sponsored by Tannan Plastic Surgery. Raleigh Moms Blog only partners with sponsors who we feel bring the most value to our audience.Have you ever found yourself sitting by the pool, keeping one eye on the kids, and at the same time watching that mom? The one who seemingly has it all together. […]

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Mom Tribe Triangle

How to Find Your Mom Tribe in the Triangle

The to-do lists and expectations we have as moms can bring on stress. We’ve all been there. On top of our already packed schedules, we have school events to attend, homework to be supervised, a grocery list (not to mention grocery shopping) to manage all while juggling a busy workday. It can be overwhelming. Who […]

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International Women’s Day 2017: Be Bold For Change

Wednesday, March 8th is International Women’s Day. A day dedicated to celebrating the many social, economic, and political achievements women have made. It’s also a day that many have used to raise awareness of the struggles women face worldwide. Every year the organizers pick a theme and this year’s is #BeBoldForChange. The change they’re choosing […]

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Image Source: Father's Day Mom Quotes

Father’s Day Emotions From a Single Mom

Guest Post By: Laura S.  I knew holidays would be some of the most difficult days post-divorce.  What I wasn’t prepared for, was how upsetting Father’s Day could be.  Year after year this day approaches and with it comes emotions that are typically (and thankfully) very uncommon for me. Anger I have found myself on […]

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My Priorities as a Single Mom Raleigh Moms Blog

My Priorities as a Single Mom

“If it’s a priority you will make time for it.”   I’ve heard this a lot, especially with regards to advice, both solicited and not, on things like regular exercise and relationships.  And for the most part I agree.  I also believe that this advice is often offered by well-intentioned people who have the luxury of […]

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