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Raleigh Mom Spotlight: Shannon Newby, the playful mind behind Raleigh’s first pay-what-you-can, nonprofit makerspace for kids

Raleigh Moms Blog is excited to share this guest post by Susanna Klingenberg spotlighting a local mompreneur and non-profit organization in Raleigh. Kids are born insatiably curious–full of wonder, questions, and delight. How do we keep that good stuff going? Enter Shannon Newby: artist, mom of two, and founder of Kid Lab, a nonprofit makerspace […]

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Spotlight for Women’s History Month: Raleigh Police Chief Cassandra Deck-Brown

Spotlight for Women’s History Month: Raleigh Police Chief Cassandra Deck-Brown

I had the pleasure of taking my 10-year-old, Ronni, and a few of her friends, to meet someone that represents not only what Black History Month is about, but Women’s History Month! Since Women’s History Month highlights the contributions of women in history and society, there is no one better to feature, then Chief Cassandra […]

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Raleigh Mom Spotlight: Interview with Breast Cancer Survivor Sharon Delaney McCloud

I would like to introduce you to the inspirational, dynamic and incredibly accomplished Sharon Delaney McCloud. Who is she? Sharon is a breast cancer survivor. Sharon also happens to be an Emmy Award-winning broadcaster, Olympic Torch Bearer, proud Florida State University alumna, and an incredibly successful local leader and nationally active businesswoman. She is also […]

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