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I’m a Raleigh Preschool Mom

Another Tuesday morning, another day I am rushing my one-and-a-half year old out the door because we are running late again. She is begrudgingly tagging along, looking at me like “jeez louise lady, I wish you would just calm down, lets see if there is another episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on On Demand”.  The guy […]

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Raleigh Moms Blog 8 Spring Things To Do in the Triangle feature image

8 Great Triangle Activities You Can Do This Spring On A Budget

“Can you get the bathing suits out of the attic?,” asked my six year old while stepping over a disappearing pile of snow on an unseasonably warm day. Noting my furrowed brow, he explained, “We’re not gonna go in the pool, we just wanna play in the hose.” Considering the pool is a lovely shade […]

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What Happened To Middle School? Raleigh Moms Blog Feature image

What Happened To Middle School??

I admit, no part of me was ready for middle school when I put my beautiful, innocent daughter on the bus that sunny Monday morning, August 25, 2014. She was nervous and excited. I was terrified. Waiting for the bus I found myself contemplating one simple question “What happened to middle school?” When I was […]

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RMB For President Raleigh Moms Blog feature image

My Daughter May Never Be President

When my husband and I started talking about having kids, we were always kind of on the same page that we didn’t really want to miss out on the opportunity to be parents, but we weren’t really sure we could handle a whole soccer team. In fact, I’ll just say it…we have always kind of […]

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