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The Scoop on Five Local Shops You Should be Visiting for Home Decor

We recently returned to Raleigh after spending fifteen years in Washington, D.C.  After being gone for so many years, obviously a lot has changed since I grew up here.  Raleigh sure has grown!  One thing that happily took me by surprise was Raleigh’s extensive and unique local shopping scene – especially for home decor.  Do […]

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An Alternative to Holiday Baking with Kids-Granola!

Do you love the idea of making from-scratch cookies, bread loaves and other Christmas confections with your kids, but what you’ve tried so far isn’t as fun and and insta-worthy as expected? I’m with you. I have a 3-year-old and an 18-month-old. As patient as I (at least think) I am and as low as […]

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WE Stayed in a Tiny House Raleigh Moms Blog

We Stayed in a Tiny House

Though I’m still relatively young, I already have a dream for retirement. My goal is to sell our current house and buy one small cottage at the beach, and one small log cabin in the mountains. We would split our time evenly between the two, and allow our kids and their families to vacation in […]

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My Favorite Pinterest Projects

My Favorite Pinterest Projects

I distinctly remember when I was introduced to Pinterest. It was several years ago when a co-worker began telling me about this website she had become obsessed with. She warned me not to even get started. I probably should have heeded her advice. Today, Pinterest has just become part of my everyday life. I don’t […]

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Spring Cleaning Raleigh Moms Blog

Spring Cleaning Tips from a Former Maid

Spring cleaning. That dreaded annual event that everyone puts off until the last minute. These days, “spring cleaning” is more of an expression used to describe a deep scrubbing and purging of your home than it is to indicate a specific seasonal activity. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a nightmare, and once you’ve done […]

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Kitchen Envy Raleigh Moms Blog

Kitchen Envy

Ladies. I have a confession to make. I have fallen into the comparison trap. That old gag. Again. It’s happened to us all once or twice (or maybe 1,500 times) in our lifetimes, right? Let us take a brief moment of silence in remembrance of that lovely period of time called middle school. Ugh. This time, […]

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In Defense of The Small House Raleigh Moms Blog

In Defense of the Small House

Small, cozy, cute. These are words that are often used to describe houses that are on the smaller side. When we got married, we lived in a great apartment. One bedroom and 800 square feet. It was the perfect size for newlyweds! But then we got pregnant. The idea of raising a child in a […]

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Revive Your Entryway On A Dime Raleigh Moms Blog

Revive Your Entryway On A Dime

When we bought our house not quite years ago, I was banking on it being “move-in ready”. Although the footprint of the house was different, it wasn’t that much larger than our previous home, so I assumed I had enough furniture to fill it and everything would just come together. As a woman obsessed with home […]

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Michenlin OnSite Available in the Triangle Raleigh Moms Blog

Michelin OnSite Made Me Love Tires

Did you say tires? Yes, indeed I did! Tires. Those black things that go on your car have always been one of those things that I hate to spend money on. Necessary? Absolutely. In fact, we probably under estimate the value of having a good set of tires on our cars, but they are pretty […]

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