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Stop The Back To School Bugs Raleigh Moms Blog

Stop The Back To School Bugs!

With the start of school, I knew it was inevitable that our young family would be stricken with a stomach bug or cold virus, but it happened much earlier than I expected. Only 7 days into the 2015-2016 school year and my kindergartener came home holding his head, complaining of a headache, and found to […]

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The "Talk" Raleigh Moms Blog

The Talk

Let me just preface this by saying that I come from a small town. My graduating class was about 120. I was innocent and naive. All I ever learned about the birds and the bees was through discussions overheard over the course of six years spent sitting at tables in the same cafeteria. Our assigned […]

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Why I choose Natural Family Planning Raleigh Moms Blog

I am Woman Hear Me Roar, How Understanding My Fertility Empowered Me To Stop Contracepting

Picking up my latest copy of Family Foundations magazine, I flipped through the pages and landed on an article written by family physician, Dr. John Littell, M.D. It started out: “Some years ago, I listened intently to a presentation on cervical cancer at a conference on women’s health care held in Orlando, Fla. During the […]

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ADHD Testing Raleigh Moms Blog Carolina Partners in Mental Healthcare

ADHD Testing

Even though your child is only thinking about summer vacation, your mind is already on what you can do to prepare for the upcoming school year. If you’ve spent the past year worrying about your child’s restlessness in the classroom or noticing a lack of focus on assignments, this summer is the perfect time to […]

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Sun & Skin_ What I'd Tell My Younger Raleigh Moms Blog

Sun & Skin: Note To My Younger Self

I worshipped the sun as a teenager and early twenty-something. Any time I headed to the pool or beach, I was armed with baby oil and a reflective silver tanning mat, along with my Sony Walkman and favorite mix tape (ok, I’ve totally aged myself). In the colder months, I’d make a visit to the […]

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