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Cost Per Wear

How much are those clothes really costing you? Some people have enough money that they can buy whatever they want and don’t have to think about the cost.  I am not one of those people.  In the past, I have not always managed my money wisely.  While there is always room for improvement, I have […]

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Dress Your Portrait Friday Fashion Tip Raleigh Moms Blog

Dress Your Portrait

Awhile back I watched a video of one of my favorite style bloggers and she touched on the concept of dressing your portrait.  It was eye opening for me and I wanted to share this great style tip with you.  Your portrait is the upper part of your body that would appear in a formal […]

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OUT OF THE BOX style raleigh moms blog

Out of the Box Style

Does anyone even know where the term “out of the box” thinking came from?  I don’t, and I find it slightly annoying, BUT, I’m still going to use it today.  One of the easiest ways to expand your wardrobe options, without spending a dime, is to think outside of the box.  Look at what is […]

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5 SIMPLE STEPS to Accessorizing Any Outfit Raleigh Moms Blog

5 Simple Steps to Accessorizing Any Outfit

Recently a reader asked, “I’m stuck in a rut of shirts and cardigans because it’s so easy. What can I do to shift my look without too much maintenance?” Accessories immediately popped to mind! Accessories can be very simple but they can immediately up any outfit from ho-hum to wow! Below are 5 simple steps […]

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These Shoes Were Made For Walking

Today we are going to cover a style sin that drives me crazy – gym shoes with jeans. I’m sure you don’t commit this faux pas, but you probably know someone who does, so please pass this along. Let me start by saying, comfort is one of my TOP 3 priorities in an outfit and […]

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One Dress, Six Ways Raleigh Moms Blog

How to Wear One Dress Six Ways

Do you find yourself wearing the same outfit over and over again? Today I thought I would show you how to wear one dress 6 different ways. Just a side bar, I’d like to apologize for the white legs, but hey, I’m keeping it real. Hopefully you will ignore the model, and just pay attention […]

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Fashion Tip Friday Denim Raleigh Moms Blog

Friday Fashion Tip – Denim!

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I would be covering the Spring trends in the coming weeks. I figured that today was a good day to start with one of Spring’s hottest trends…denim! You are going to be seeing it everywhere from dresses, to skirts, to jackets and of course jeans. Some of […]

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Spring Clean Your Closet Raleigh Moms Blog feature image

Spring Cleaning – For Your Closet

Hi ladies. Ask and you shall receive! Are you loving this warm weather as much as I am? And with the time change, I’ve been in heaven. The kids and I have been outside every day playing for so long, I’ve been struggling to get dinner and baths done before 7:30. I’ve also been struggling […]

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