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I picked up the boys from my parent’s house after an “after school treat” with Nana and Poppy and my little guy came to me with tears in his eyes.

“You forgot the cheese.” he said.


“In my grilled cheese!”

What? Wait…Oh dear. Oh my.

OK folks, I hit a new low. Just when you think you’ve got the whole life/work balance in check, you are sadly mistaken. I sent my kid to school with grilled bread.

OK, I realize it’s actually toast, but I feel like “grilled bread” alludes to me working harder to make it. But no matter how you slice it, I sent my kid to school with an unfinished lunch. He probably starved the rest of the day. If I look closely I am sure I can start to see some ribs. My child is withering away!

Well, not really. But that is how I felt! It was not my finest moment.

Later that week I was chatting with my friend who just had a little baby boy. My youngest is 6, so I have completely forgotten all about newborns. The pain! The sleepless nights! The mishaps! What a fun conversation…until…

It hit me.

I’m birthing a business.

The similarities are uncanny. Birthing a baby is just like birthing a business! We have Business Brain!

Just think back. Which for some of you might be quite recent. For me, it’s a few, OK six, years. When we sit in our team meetings, the collective sigh we all make as our rears hit the seats is the exacerbated cry of our limbs. They are without a doubt, pleading their case of exhaustion. Sleep? What sleep? I lie awake at night worrying about every decision I did make and will make. When I do sleep, it’s in small bursts and I’m up again every few hours. Oh, those midnight, 3 am and 6 am feedings!

After the cheese incident, I was making the boys dinner and asked them to grab their milk. They flew open the refrigerator and cheered with excitement. Good gravy, what was the fuss? I had bought milk. Yup. They were happy I remembered the milk this grocery trip. Oh dear God. I had forgotten milk at the store a few times but I didn’t think they noticed. They did.

My forgetfulness is heightened. Did I empty the dryer? Did I even load the dryer? Wait, did I wash the clothes??

“Mom, I have no clean underwear!”


And let’s not forget that feeling of having no idea what you are doing. That first-time mom confusion. Why is he crying? Is he supposed to do that? It’s a stark resemblance to should we purchase the extra liability? When are we supposed to market that? It’s practically identical.

Business Brain is in full affect over here. As we navigate the woes of opening, we are hoping, same as a new mom, that we don’t mess up their future. Cheers to that!

And we can all agree a new business is harder right? Oh, I kid, I kid. Don’t come knocking down my door wielding a rattle!

Oh wait, you’ll forget my address anyway.

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