5 Steps to Ensure a Safe Bath Time

5 Steps to Ensure a Safe Bath TimeJanuary, the month of resolutions and new beginnings, is the time when we make all of these awesome goals about going to the gym every day after work or not spending money on new shoes every time there is a sale. Let’s be honest, these goals rarely make it a full year, which is fine! Life happens.

January is also National Bath Safety Month, so a resolution you can, and should, make as a parent is to get educated about how to make bath time safe. It’s really not very hard and it will make bath time even more fun knowing your little one is safe and secure! The Drowning Prevention Foundation estimates that 100 drownings will occur in bathtubs and half will be infants under 12 months of age- let’s do everything in our power to lower that number!

5 Steps to Ensure a Safe Bath Time

Here are 5 steps to ensure a safe bath time:

1. Never leave them alone!

This is probably the most important rule because a baby can drown in one inch of water AND in as little as 20 seconds. Before bath time starts, make sure you have everything you need (shampoo, washcloth, towel, etc.) so there is no need to leave, even for “just a second”.

2. Keep one hand on your baby at all times.

I know it’s easy to think your “super cool and comfy” baby bath seat will keep your little one secure, but that’s not always the case. Babies in water are slippery and extra wiggly and they can easily slip and become submerged under the water or injure themselves on the sides of the bathtub, the faucet, and anything else near them while bathing.

3, Watch what is within reach.

Aside from the fact most babies put everything they can grab into their mouth (and I’m sure dad’s body wash or mom’s deep conditioner isn’t the best to ingest), they also become a falling hazard- you wouldn’t want those tiny flailing hands to knock things down and land on them.

4. Watch the Water Temperature.

Although you are the boss of the water temperature and can easily choose warm, not hot…accidents happen. Some determined little ones can knock the hot water faucet on which is a huge burning risk. Be sure your water heater is set at 120 degrees Fahrenheit so they cannot be scalded.

5. Before bath time starts, be sure to have a good, anti-slip bathmat and even an extra towel nearby.

Ask any parent- Kids splash. The amount of water that can end up outside the bathtub is enough to well, take another bath. Having a good bathmat and an extra towel to sop up extra water will ensure you will not slip and fall getting your little one out of the tub.

What tips do you have to keep bath time with your little one safe and fun? Please share in the comments below. 


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