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ABC11 Science Club Raleigh Moms Blog

Fun Foam Experiment from the ABC 11 Science Club

With chilly temperatures settling in, my students (aka my younger children) and I were starting to get the itch for some excitement in our home school lessons since we’re spend more time inside. Although our science readings for the day focused on biomes, I decided there was nothing wrong with veering off-course a bit in […]

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Motherhood'sRandom Acts of Kindness Raleigh Moms Blog

Motherhood’s Random Acts of Kindness

We’d just finished showering, the two-year-old and me, when I reached for the towel bar. Unfortunately, since I hadn’t planned in advance for our dual exit from the hot, steamy shower into the frigid, meat locker that is our bathroom in winter, my hands met with one dry towel and one damp one (left over […]

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Why We Celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas Raleigh Moms Blog

Why We Celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas

For years, at about 3pm on Christmas Day my kiddos would hit the wall one by one. After a long Christmas Eve followed by a too-early-rising, their energy stores were depleted and just past midday they’d drop like flies: a snoring pre-schooler on the couch still clutching his new light saber, a drowsy teen sprawled […]

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Sticks and Stones Raleigh Moms Blog

Sticks and Stones

“What are you, an idiot?” “Stupid” “Dummy!” “You #%&^$!” It wasn’t the first time his parents had resorted to a litany of name calling. It seemed to be their routine form of communication: an insult here, a slight there, a sprinkling of profanities, a rude retort or a less than flattering moniker. Honestly, I’d been […]

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Mr. Clean Pumpkin Palooza Giveaway!

Cleaning Up Pumpkin Palooza With Mr. Clean + Giveaway!

We do Halloween big in our household. From rubber bats dangling from the rafters to plastic spiders creeping down the walls, we go all-in when it comes to decorating. Of course, the picture wouldn’t be complete without a patch of bright, orange Jack-O’-Lanterns lining the pathway to our front door. But I’ve got to admit […]

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