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Life Through A Lens

Recently we visited Three Bears Acres for my daughter and my niece’s birthday. If you’re not familiar with it, they describe themselves as an outdoor activity farm. This is not a plug for Three Bears Acres, but my family really loves going there. It is just a cool place to be outside, play in the […]

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Holiday Traditions Raleigh Moms Blog

Our Holiday Traditions

When our team started talking about what we wanted to write over the holidays, I immediately knew I wanted to write about our holiday traditions. I can honestly say our Christmas traditions are some of my favorite things we do all year. Before I get into sharing my favorite traditions, I want to recognize that […]

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Do They Ever Stop Eating Raleigh Moms Blog

Do They Ever Stop Eating?

“I’m hungry!” I look at the clock, it’s only 8:30. They ate breakfast an hour ago and now they are demanding more! REALLY?? I’m typically greeted in the morning with an “I’m hungry” or “I want cereal.” Most days I feel like a short order cook. Does anyone else feel this way? Exactly how many […]

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There's a stranger in my bed Raleigh Moms Blog

There’s A Stranger in My Bed

If there is one thing I’ve learned on this parenting journey is there are very few things that are hard and fast rules. If I can encourage any new moms or even us veteran’s that are in the trenches, don’t take yourself to seriously and think of your rules as guidelines. You and our kids […]

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My Favorite Pinterest Projects

My Favorite Pinterest Projects

I distinctly remember when I was introduced to Pinterest. It was several years ago when a co-worker began telling me about this website she had become obsessed with. She warned me not to even get started. I probably should have heeded her advice. Today, Pinterest has just become part of my everyday life. I don’t […]

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Weekly Family Meeting Raleigh Moms Blog

The Weekly Planning Meeting

A couple of years ago I was working full time and traveling quite a bit as was my husband. We were more like ships passing in the wind. When we got married we already knew communication was our biggest weakness, and the traveling and demands of work and family made it 1,000 times worse, so […]

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