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Bedrest Raleigh Moms Blog

Bedrest Sucks

If you’ve ever been on bedrest during a pregnancy, you know how horrible it is. Early on in my third pregnancy, I was diagnosed with placenta previa and was ordered to go on bedrest. First, at home, and eventually, at the hospital. Regardless of where you are, being confined to a bed, couch, chair, whatever…is […]

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My Baby was a Preemie Raleigh Moms Blog

My Baby Was a Preemie

Ten years ago, my family of four moved from Pennsylvania to Raleigh, and within weeks, I found out that I was pregnant with my third child. This was such an exciting time in our lives. We were now living in a new place that we loved, and we’d just found out that our family would […]

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Decluttering Toys Raleigh Moms Blog

Tips for Decluttering Toys Before the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us. Many kids have already scribbled out their Christmas lists. Others children, like mine, add to it daily. Little ones who still believe in Santa get that twinkle of anticipation in their eye, and certain teenagers (mine again) have already started to listen to Christmas carols. Too soon! As you […]

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Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Food Raleigh Moms Blog

Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Food Ideas

It’s almost turkey time again, but this Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be a carbon copy of last year’s meal. Think outside the (stuffing) box and serve up something different this time around. Be sure to prepare your guests in advance so they’re not disappointed that you decided not to offer the traditional Thanksgiving dishes. Hopefully […]

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10 Reasons to Love Halloween Raleigh Moms Blog

Ten Reasons To Love Halloween (Even If You Hate It!)

We’re about to enter a marathon of holidays: Halloween first, then Thanksgiving, Christmas, and lastly, New Year’s. Some find great joy in all the excitement and merry-making that define this big holiday season that greets us at the end of each year. For others of us, it’s a lot of pressure. Halloween, my favorite holiday […]

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I'm Friends with my Teenager Raleigh Moms Blog

I’m Friends With My Teenager

I know this may be an unpopular opinion, but I feel that it’s absolutely crucial to be friends with my teenager. I’m well aware that “they”, whomever “they” are, say not to be friends with our children, and I agree with that statement regarding younger kids, but when it comes to teenagers, nothing could be more […]

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#feelinghopeful Raleigh Moms Blog


At the beginning of this year, I’d just emerged from two weeks of pneumonia. It was the second Christmas in a row that I’d been ill over the holiday, and the second new year that I was entering while in a state of convalescence. Regardless, a group of friends and I had planned a 1940s-themed […]

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WE Stayed in a Tiny House Raleigh Moms Blog

We Stayed in a Tiny House

Though I’m still relatively young, I already have a dream for retirement. My goal is to sell our current house and buy one small cottage at the beach, and one small log cabin in the mountains. We would split our time evenly between the two, and allow our kids and their families to vacation in […]

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Spring Cleaning Raleigh Moms Blog

Spring Cleaning Tips from a Former Maid

Spring cleaning. That dreaded annual event that everyone puts off until the last minute. These days, “spring cleaning” is more of an expression used to describe a deep scrubbing and purging of your home than it is to indicate a specific seasonal activity. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a nightmare, and once you’ve done […]

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braces off

Bracing for the Future

My first born, now 14-years-old, finally got her braces off after wearing them for over a year and a half. She was so excited that, leading up to their removal, she was brushing her teeth for an hour at a time, so much so that her gums had become swollen and red. While I told […]

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On Turning Forty

I just turned 41, but that doesn’t mean that writing an article about turning 40 an entire year later makes me a procrastinator, it’s just that it took me that long to get used to the harsh reality that I’m now…this…age. Do you remember when you were a kid and you thought people who were […]

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