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Social Media Christmas Raleigh Moms Blog

Social Media Christmas

On December 26th, I took a moment to check my social media accounts and was immediately greeted by picture upon picture of Christmas celebrations ranging from Christmas Eve gatherings with extended family to intimate Christmas mornings spent with loved ones.  The one common theme that seemed to appear over and over was that, yes, we […]

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Our Best Worst Holiday Road Trip Raleigh Moms Blog

Our Best Worst Holiday Road Trip

Seven years ago, we were making the long trek from the Triangle to snowy Central New York determined to get there before dark. The previous couple of Christmas road trips up to NY had been a bit hectic because we had infants and we’d had to stop for multiple breastfeedings. Even though I had become […]

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The "Talk" Raleigh Moms Blog

The Talk

Let me just preface this by saying that I come from a small town. My graduating class was about 120. I was innocent and naive. All I ever learned about the birds and the bees was through discussions overheard over the course of six years spent sitting at tables in the same cafeteria. Our assigned […]

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