Valentine’s Day Arts & Crafts

Valentine's Day Arts & Crafts

When it comes to any given holiday, I am a sucker for all the themed arts and crafts that come with it. I have loved doing crafts ever since I was a kid so of course, I started doing crafts with my son when he was only one-month old.  When he was an infant they were mostly handprint and footprint crafts but now that he is older, the crafts have developed to better match his age. Homemade crafts make great gifts for moms and dads, grandparents and even friends.

Here are a few simple Valentine’s Day themed crafts that you can do with your child(ren) with items you likely already have in your home!

Footprint ‘Love Bug’

Valentine's Day Arts & Crafts

Since we did so much of it when he was little, my son now loves to paint his various body parts then put the imprint on paper. I definitely don’t mind it because I think these make the best crafts, especially for cards, so a lot of the crafts we do are still handprint/footprint or paint-focused. For Valentine’s Day, we did a ‘Love Bug’ using his footprint. Check out the needed items below and the simple step-by-step instructions.

‘Love Bug’ Craft Supplies:

  • white cardstock
  • washable red paint
  • paint brush
  • washable black paint or marker
  • googly eyes
  • red rhinestones (optional)
  • black permanent marker
  • craft glue
  • cute little feet!


  1. Cut the paper to reflect the size of the craft you want to create, making sure it is big enough to fit your little ones’ footprint. I also used some crafting scissors to cut along the edges of the paper to give it a little more pizazz.
  2. Paint your little ones’ foot with red paint (if you want, you can paint their heel black and skip step 5 below)
  3. Place their foot in the center of the paper (this is easiest to do if they are standing), making sure to press down on their foot and toes
  4. Allow footprint to dry
  5. Draw a black circle for the bugs head then add antennas, feet, and hearts
  6. Glue on googly eyes (I have my son show me where he wants the eyes, I dab a bit of glue then he places the eye on top of the glue)
  7. Glue on red rhinestones
  8. Write ‘Love Bug’ then gift this sweet craft to someone special!

‘Love You to Pieces’ Tissue Paper Heart

Valentine's Day Arts & Crafts

This tissue paper craft is perfect to help your little ones work on their fine motor skills. Allowing them to use their tiny fingers to tear and crumple the tissue paper will help them work the small muscles in their hands and improve strength in the arches of the hands.

‘Love You To Pieces’ Craft Supplies

  • tissue paper in various colors
  • heart outline (printed or hand-drawn)
  • plain white cardstock
  • glue stick
  • marker


  1. Start by either printing or drawing a large heart
  2. Put glue all over the inside of the heart (using a glue stick allows my son to take the reigns on this part)
  3. Have your little tear off pieces of tissue paper (I took over tearing off the pieces once I realized he was making his too large), crumple them into a ball then push them onto the glue.
  4. Write ‘Love You to Pieces’ around the heart and you’re finished!

Bouquet of Hearts

Valentine's Day Arts & Crafts

These heart flowers would make the perfect Valentine for friends and family if you wanted to get creative instead of purchasing boxed valentines from the stores. It will allow your little to get creative and make each individual heart unique with its own design. We started this craft and had to come back to it a few times before my son completed all his hearts which is ok! I would rather have him take a break and come back to it instead of leaving it forever.

Bouquet of Hearts Craft Supplies:

  • card stock – various colors
  • green pipe cleaners
  • various craft supplies for decorating – pom balls, rhinestones/jewels, eyes, markers
  • hot glue (adults only!)


  1. Start by having your little color, glue, and design each heart as they see fit. This step takes a bit and requires some adult help. I colored one heart myself so he could see what I wanted him to do, then he took off and did his. I helped with applying the glue where needed but always had him show me where he wanted the glue. Try to keep your little as involved as possible!
  2. Allow each heart to dry
  3. Apply a line of hot glue (adults only) to the back of the heart and attach green pipe cleaner ‘stem’ – allow to dry

Valentine’s Heart Scavenger Hunt

Valentine's Day Arts & Crafts

This isn’t so much a craft as it is a fun game for you to play with your little. I started doing scavenger hunts with my son as soon as he started walking and we haven’t stopped since. He gets beyond excited when I ask him to do a scavenger hunt with me. It is great for rainy or super cold days when you are stuck inside and need something to do away from playing with the same toys over and over again. This is a game that you can do for all the holidays, simply by using a cut-out of something that represents that holiday (i.e. pumpkins for Halloween, trees for Christmas). For Valentine’s Day, I used hearts in pink, white, red, and purple. You can turn this into a craft by allowing your little to decorate the hearts before you set out on your first hunt.

Valentine’s Heart Scavenger Hunt Supplies:

  • cardstock –  I highly recommend cardstock since it is thicker and more forgiving to being pulled off the wall numerous times
  • painter’s tape


  1. Cut out any number of hearts using cardstock – I number mine on the back just in case I forget how many I hid.
  2. Put a small piece of rolled painter’s tape on the back
  3. ‘Hide’ the hearts around your house (I only do our downstairs or upstairs, never both levels at once) in places where your little can reach or climb to (i.e. on the wall above a couch or chair).
  4. Give your little a bag (bonus points if it is holiday themed) and have them go find all the hearts
  5. Repeat because I doubt they will only want to do this once 🙂

For the hearts: I printed off a small heart from my computer, traced it onto various colored cardstock then cut it out. You can do the same with any design you want however, you can usually always find foam cutouts at Michaels, the dollar store or in the dollar section at Target if you don’t want to go through all the cutting.

For the bag: I usually buy small gift bags from the dollar store for my son to use during the hunt. I also use it to store the pieces when we are not playing. 

‘Reasons Why I Love You’ Hearts

Valentine's Day Arts & Crafts

This is not a craft for your littles but something fun for you to do for your children! Cut out 14 big hearts, write one reason why you love your child on each one then, tape one heart to the outside of their door each morning. Once they are awake you can sit together outside their door and read the heart to them, expanding on what each one means. Each day, read over the previous day’s hearts while adding in the new one. This can be a fun and sweet tradition for years to come. You can even take it a step further and decorate the outside of their room even more with balloons and a fun little gift on Valentine’s Day!


How are you getting crafty with the kids this Valentine’s Day? We’d love to hear from you! Please share in the comments below.

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